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Our Dental Referral Services

Dental Work in Mexico All-on-4s Non-Removeable Permanent Dentures
We take a personal interest in every dental case.


We find the best dental clinic for your personal case. We oversee the entire process, and we’re your advocate throughout the process — and our services are always free to our patients.

We’ve already done the hard work for you. We have spent years interviewing dentists in Mexico, making onsite visits, and monitoring patient satisfaction. This is all part of our due diligence — through our 4-step vetting process. Our team is truly hands-on and professional — we take a personal interest in every case to make sure your experience is smooth and easy, and that you get the dental treatment you need at an affordable price.


Our dental referral services have been exceptional for people who are comfortable traveling to Mexico for affordable, quality dental care but need help choosing the best dental clinic, communicating with the staff, scheduling appointments, and assisting with travel arrangements. We do all of this for you, and there is no additional cost to you for our services. Beyond Borders Dental reviews your case to match you with the best dental clinic for your personal case. Then, we refer your case to the patient care coordinator for that clinic who will oversee your case, answer questions, and help you schedule your treatment.


Dental Work in Mexico All-on-4s Non-Removeable Permanent Dentures
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When you choose us, we will:

  • Help you with your travel arrangements to/from Mexico, including referring you to our lodging partners for your hotel accommodations at special Beyond Borders Dental rates
  • Get an estimated price quote for your dental work you want done in Mexico
  • Stay in contact and follow your case throughout the entire process
  • Follow up with you after your appointment when you return home
  • Communicate and advocate with the doctors and staff as needed
  • Make the process of getting dental care in Mexico as effortless and easy as possible
  • Beyond Borders Dental will remain your advocate in the U.S. for any issues or concerns after you return home; We are always there for you


Here’s How Our Referral Services Work


  1. Get your estimated quote: You fill in and submit our short Get a Quote form. This allows Beyond Borders Dental to collect basic contact details, dental needs, and tell us how you want to communicate with us i.e., via email or phone or both. Be sure to enter your correct email address!
  2. Confirmation that you are in our System: You’ll receive an automatic confirmation that we received your inquiry and will email an estimated price quote.
  3. Provide us your X-rays or tests, if available: If you questions or want to schedule an appointment, we ask you to email any treatment plans and/or X-rays. Treatment plans and X-rays are not required — the dental clinics are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic, evaluation and labs.
  4. Make your appointment: When you decide to make an appointment, Beyond Borders Dental forwards your case file to the patient care coordinator of the clinic where you want to have your dental work. The patient care coordinator will schedule an appointment that’s mutually convenient.
  5. Our follow-through to help you easily get to your appointment: When your appointment is scheduled, Beyond Borders Dental will email an appointment confirmation to you. Beyond Borders Dental can also provide local information near the clinic including hotel accommodations at our lodging partners, with special discounts (excluding high seasons). Beyond Borders Dental continues monitoring your progress, sends email appointment reminders, maintains continuous contact with patients and dental staff throughout the process.
  6. We’ll help with any issues that arise: If anything changes or comes up unexpectedly, Beyond Borders Dental will be your main contact to resolve any issues.


Dental Work in Mexico All-on-4s Non-Removeable Permanent Dentures
Getting your dental records from your dentist, and why that helps


Your records belong to you!  Most likely you paid for them. If you have recent dental X-rays (within 3 months) and/or a dental treatment plan from your dentist, you can request a copy sent to your email. Since these are your records, most dental offices will email you copies, and then you can forward it to us.

Treatment plans and/or X-rays can give our dentists more insight into your case so they can do an initial evaluation before you travel. This is especially important for patients considering expensive procedures like dental implants, All-on-4 procedures, and Snap-on  dentures — it’s better to know if you’re even a good candidate for a procedure, and know roughly how much you can expect to pay, before going to Mexico for dental treatment.

Final Thoughts . . .

With the information you provide us, our dentists do their best to plan your treatment. The quote they provide is an estimate prior to your visit. To be more conclusive about your treatment options, an in-office clinical exam by a doctor is necessary. In the majority of cases, the estimates we provide our patients are very close to what we quoted them.

To find out more about how you can get affordable, high-quality dental care in Mexico, call us today at (505) 738-7770 or click this link to send us your inquiry and we’ll get back to you.

*Information about crossing the border and documentation requirements can be found on our website, click this link.

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