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Serving You with Affordable Dental Care

Mexico Dental SearchIf you're looking for a high quality, affordable solution for your dental needs the answer is closer than you think.

For many people, heading to Mexico for dental care is epic. As your advocate, all our dentists are scrutinized to ensure they meet the stringent criteria of global standards.

Our Expertise is Implants: All-on-4's and Snap-Ons

If you're thinking about replacing your teeth with implants or All-on-4 permanent dentures, you probably already know it's going to require a huge investment of your time and money. We have done all the research for you on how to save money while adhering to industry standard implant protocols.

Working closely with pioneers in dental implants and being educated by the experts, we happen to know a thing or two about dental implants and All-on-4 permanent dentures. Learn more about implant supported dentures – check out the All-on-4 procedure (non-removable dentures) and Snap-on Dentures (removable dentures).

Our site visits and dentist interviews are completed and we’re happy to announce our new approved clinic in beautiful Cozumel, Mexico. With Corona virus COVID-19 safety guidelines in place, we’re able to offer our patients another destination to get affordable, high-quality dental care. Learn more about our new dental clinic in Cozumel, Mexico.

Learn More about Getting Dental Care in Mexico

Deciding Which Dental Clinic to Use

We have approved dental clinics in Juarez, Mexico (just 15 minutes across the El Paso, Texas border) and Cozumel, Mexico.

If you prefer the ease of crossing the border and returning immediately to the U.S. after your appointment, Juarez/El Paso is a great option. The clinic has its own driver who transfers patients from El Paso to/from the dental clinic at no charge. When you finish your treatment, you’ll be returned to the U.S. side for your quick return home.

If you have more time, and going to a tropical destination to enjoy tourist activities appeals to you (the beach, Mayan Ruins, snorkeling and scuba diving, etc.), we highly recommend Cozumel, Mexico.

But Can a Dentist in Mexico Provide the Quality
of Dental Care You Want?

The answer is a resounding YES! Check our patient reviews and see the comments of past clients who have saved money while getting excellent dental treatment from our dentists in Mexico. And, be sure to review our information “What About the Quality”.

We regularly update our website so you’ll find current, useful information about affordable dental care in Mexico but if you don’t find what you’re looking for or you prefer to talk with us about your individual case, please contact us and let’s talk!”

How It Works

The Beyond Borders Dental Patient Experience

Our Clinic Evaluation Process

Each dental clinic in the Beyond Borders Dental programs is carefully vetted through a four-step evaluation process to assure the quality of services, and in addition the dental clinics guarantee their services. Our assessment includes:

  1. Site visits to all Mexico dental clinics in our program
  2. Assessment of the credentials of the Mexico dentists at our clinics and interviews with the dentists
  3. Periodic reviews of dental practices with our dental advisory board
  4. Careful monitoring of results from clients who use our Mexico dental clinics to assure the continued high level of professionalism and quality of work being performed.

Our Mission: Savings and Quality

Thousands of people cross the border each year to receive quality affordable dental care in Mexico. But it is important to know which dental clinics and Mexico dentists are safe to use.

You should be informed, read reviews of Mexico dentists, and find a trustworthy cross-border dental tourism agency that can direct you to reputable dentists in Mexico.

At Beyond Borders Dental, we’ve selected the best dental clinics and dentists in Mexico for our programs. With Beyond Borders Dental you don’t have to sacrifice quality dental work to receive affordable dental care.

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