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How Much Can I Save?

Save Thousands Getting Quality Care from Our Approved Clinics

Don’t Put Off Dental Care Because Of The Cost

If you have the need for extensive dental work, you can get affordable dental work while saving thousands of dollars through our program.  On average, our patients save 50% – 80% on dental work in performed at our clinics in Mexico.

Our Story

When the founders of Beyond Borders learned from their local dentist that they needed four dental crowns and it would cost over $6000, they began asking friends about possible dentists in Mexico.  Several people with positive personal experiences recommended dentists in Palomas, Mexico.

They traveled there to see for themselves.  After examination, the quote for all four dental crowns was $920, a savings of over $5000!  A third member of the Beyond Borders team had experienced these kinds of savings with dental work her father needed.  The price in the US was over $20,000.  When the dental work was completed in Mexico it was less than $2000, a savings of over $18,000.  These are the actual savings of the members of our staff.

dentist in mexico

I absolutely LOVE Beyond Borders! They saved me over $10,000 in dental work in Mexico! My service was handled very professionally…”

— Lynn V., Santa Fe, New Mexico —

Cost Comparisons For Getting Dental Work Done in Mexico

*Average. Prices could vary, actual prices confirmed in your quote.
Procedure USA* Beyond
Porcelain Crown $1200 $260 $940
Porcelain 3-Unit Bridge $3600 $780 $2820
Dental Implant w/Crown $4000 $1750 $2250
Root Canal $1400 $330 $1070
Partial Denture
(per plate)
$1200 $600 $600
Full Denture
(per plate)
$1600 $495 $1105
Extraction $350 $75 $275
Porcelain Veneer (per tooth) $1500 $400 $1100
Dental Nightguard $400 $100 $300

Why put off needed dental work because of the cost?

The cost savings for extensive dental work in Mexico is so significant that you no longer have to postpone getting the treatment you need.

Here Are Some Recent Examples of Saving Big by Getting Dental Work in Mexico:

A 40-year old woman in Arkansas sent us her dental treatment plan with proposed costs of $6,013.  The quote on the exact same dental work from our clinic in Mexico was $1,590, a savings of $4,423—or about a 74% savings.

The dental treatment plan from an engineer in North Carolina included twelve crowns and a total cost of over $22,000.  The quote for dental work in Mexico was $2,190, a savings of over $20,000 on exactly the same services!

These are actual quotes from our dentist in Mexico based on dental treatment plans from US dentists.  When the savings from the cost of one dental crown alone can be over $1000, there is a strong incentive to consider the options offered through our dental tourism programs.

Beyond Borders Means Savings, Quality and Simplicity

Why Is It So Much Less Expensive In Palomas, Mexico?

A number of factors contribute to the large savings for getting dental work done in Palomas, Mexico.  Because of the support of the Mexican government, dental education in a public dental institution is free or subsidized.  In return, the graduating dentist in Mexico provides a year of free dental community service.

By contrast, US dentists leave school with $150,000 or more in loans to repay.  Dentists in Mexico are not required to have mandatory malpractice insurance, which is very expensive, and the society as a whole is not litigious in the way the US is.  In addition, both labor and real estate, including rent, are much less expensive in Mexico.

The government also monitors and restricts excessive profits on medications and pharmaceutical products used in dentistry.  And finally, the cost of living for dentists and their staff is considerably less expensive in Mexico.

We’ve selected the best clinics and dentists in Palomas, Mexico, to be part of our program.  With Beyond Borders you don’t have to sacrifice quality dental work to save money.

 What Other Costs Do I Have To Receive Dental Work In Mexico?

Keep in mind that you are receiving your services away from home.  There is a trade-off for the substantial savings you get in terms of the additional time involved and costs for transportation, lodging, and meals.  In most cases, these costs are dwarfed by the savings you can realize by having the work done at one of our Beyond Borders dental clinics in Mexico.  Even one crown is less expensive when including all travel costs.

When you submit your dental treatment plan to us and receive your quote, you will be informed as to how many visits are necessary to complete your dental work in Mexico.

dentist mexico

If you choose our Dental Concierge Program, your quote will include:

  • Transportation costs from our service centers in Santa Fe or Albuquerque
  • Lodging at special discount rates with our hotel partner
  • Special savings for other services such as eyeglasses and prescriptions from merchants in our Palomas Partners program


What If I Have Dental Insurance?  Will I Be Covered In Palomas, Mexico?

Our dentists in Mexico do not currently take US dental insurance, but can help you with dental codes consistent with US insurers in the event your insurer will reimburse you.  Contact your dental insurance provider about their policies regarding getting dental work done in Mexico.  If they will cover your dental work in Mexico, you can print out their reimbursement forms and use the information provided by your Palomas dentist to apply for reimbursement.

Many people find dental insurance barely worth the savings because of the limited coverage, even for US dental services.  As one client put it, “Invest in travel to Palomas.”

Ready to get the dental work you need?

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