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Beyond Borders Dental in Forbes Medical Tourism Report

Forbes Highlights Beyond Borders Dental in Tourism Report

Once again, Beyond Borders Dental has been recognized by the national press. Forbes Magazine’s travel writer, Roger Sands, featured our company in its review of medical and dental travel in his August 2021 article, “Americans are Flocking to Other Countries for Medical Procedures.” In addition, beyond Borders Dental has previously been extensively chronicled on television, radio, newspapers, and dental journals.

Since the company was first profiled on the CBS affiliate KRQE News in Albuquerque, NM, and subsequently on two NPR newscasts, several regional newspapers featured articles on our mission to help people needing dental treatment find safe and affordable dental treatment in Mexico. As our reputation for trustworthy guidance for people seeking dental care has grown, so has our status on a national level.

The Forbes article outlines the thorough office evaluation program our company uses to assure that our patients are referred to the highest quality dentists in Mexico, with savings on dental treatment of up to 80%. The article quotes CEO Ralph Grosswald as saying.

“Beyond Borders Dental works with a limited number of carefully vetted offices so that our patients can be assured they will get very high-quality dental care. We make site visits to our offices, meet the dentists and review their education, credentials, and professional affiliations, review their sterilization procedures and tour their laboratories. If someone is surfing the net to pick a dentist, they may have a less positive experience.”

Americans have been traveling abroad for dental and medical treatment for decades. The Forbes article cites an estimate of up to one million Americans traveling abroad for medical and dental services annually. Some experts expect this trend to continue to grow at a record 15%-20% a year. Mexico is uniquely positioned for this growing trend. It is safe to visit, easy to get to, and there are many highly qualified dentists in Mexico. The Forbes article quotes Jacob Pope of Medical Departures as saying, “They (Mexico) have dentists that are trained in the top schools, and many in the U.S.”

If you have concerns about traveling to Mexico for dental treatment with Covid still circulating, you will find that our offices take extensive precautions to protect against infection. Josef Woodman, author of “Patients Beyond Borders” is quoted by the Forbes article about his recent travel to Mexico for dental work. “I was in Cancun recently for dental work, and they are way more compliant with Covid protocols.”

To find out more about how you can get affordable, high-quality dental care in Mexico, call us today at (505) 738-7770, or click this link to send us your inquiry, and we’ll get back to you.

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