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Yosihi Saves over $3,000 on Dental Care in Mexico

Yosihi Saves over $3,000 on Dental Care in Mexico

Beyond Borders Dental provides Americans with access to highly trained and credentialed dentists in Mexico.  Yoishi, a Santa Fe resident, heard about Beyond Borders Dental from a friend.  When he learned that he could save over $3,000 on dental care, he realized he didn’t have be in pain any longer.


With Beyond Borders unique model, anyone now can get affordable dental care easily just south of the border. Like many others, Yoishi realized he no longer had to put off the treatment he so needed.


Check out Santa Fe resident Yoichi’s personal story on getting dental care in Mexico with Beyond Borders Dental.  Yoichi saved over $3,000 on his dental treatment and the dentist in Mexico was able to save one of his teeth!



Mexico Dentist Experience Transcript:


From what I was told from the dentists here in the US, I would need 4 root canals. Just for the price alone on the root canals in Mexico it was worth going down there.  So I jumped on board with Beyond Borders Dental Concierge van to go meet with the dentist.


My dentist was really nice. He made me feel real comfortable while I was there and explained everything. He ended up saying I’d only need 1 root canal. The other 3 would be an extended crowns, which comes out to still about a quarter of the cost of what it would have been for the root canals in the U.S.


It was good. The ride to Mexico with Beyond Borders Dental was really comfortable. The van is air conditioned and spacious. We made nice, little pit stops along the way for snacks. We stopped for dinner too, which was really nice. Then, when we arrived we stayed at a nice hotel.  It was really comfortable and the beds were amazing.  They had a mini refrigerator and nice flat screen TV. It really felt like a mini vacation.


I didn’t feel unsafe while I was there or anything like that. My dentist started the root canal. It’s been maybe a little almost a week now and my mouth feels great. I don’t have pain anymore. It was overall a really great experience. I would recommend it to anybody who needs work done because he can probably save your teeth instead of root canals. He has better options, not always the most extreme ones that they do out here in the US. If you have tons of work you need done, I would definitely recommend Beyond Borders Dental. It was a wonderful experience.

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$25 off first concierge trip

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Save $25 off your first concierge trip with us

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