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The Beyond Borders Dental team is deeply invested in assisting our patients who want to go to Mexico for the best possible dental care at the lowest possible price. Throughout the entire process, including after returning home, we strive to ensure each patient has the best possible experience. The bottom line — we take every case personally. Beyond Borders Dental team is located in the U.S. and Mexico — we’re able to keep an accurate pulse on both sides of the border to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

When you call us, you will speak with a person working within our organization, not a service center operator whose job is to process excessive numbers of inquiries. All Beyond Borders Dental patients are assigned the same patient care advocate from start to finish.

Americans have received quality dental care from dentists in Mexico for over twenty years. The attraction to getting dental work in Mexico is cost and quality. You can save up to 75% – literally thousands of dollars, especially if you need extensive dental care like full-mouth restorations, implants, root canals, and cosmetic dentistry.

If you’ve already started searching the Internet for dental services in Mexico, you’re probably wondering, where do I start? Our goal is to provide you with uncensored dental tourism and help guide you to make the best decisions on going abroad for dental care.

It’s safe to travel to Mexico if you know where to go and which dental offices to use. You can get quality, affordable dental care from experienced and qualified dentists in Mexico if you can navigate the barrage of flashy websites and unverified reviews. Like anywhere else, you must know their credentials and qualifications.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to travel far to get your dental care; we can help you weigh the pros and cons of going to Mexico for dental care. Beyond Borders Dental isn’t just a referral agency that sells leads to hundreds or thousands of dental offices. Instead, we have formed long-term relationships with a few select dental offices in key locations that meet and often exceed the expectations of foreign patients. Please read this blog for an in-depth article on why you need a reputable dental referral service and our proven business model.

Our Referral Fees

Surprise — there are no fees for our referral services! Instead, Beyond Borders Dental does 90% of the screening process of patients for our dental offices. We answer most questions or get answers for patients; assign a Patient Care Administrator to every patient from A to Z; we are ambassadors for our patients; our support continues even after patients return home. In return, our dental offices compensate us directly for our patient referral service.

As cheap as dental care in Mexico is, when you add the cost of traveling, it can still be out of your budget. Before you give up, there may be options to reduce the costs, like financing or using your dental insurance. To learn more about this, read our blog on Ways to Reduce the Costs of Your Dental Work.

The dental offices in our vetted program ensure quality services from trained and experienced dentists. We regularly visit and monitor our dental offices in Mexico and continuously evaluate our dentists based on our patients’ reviews.

Dental offices in Mexico are simpler than dental offices in the U.S. While equipment will be similar to an American dental office, Mexican dentists put much less emphasis on impressing patients with fancy furnishings in the waiting area. Instead, bathrooms are clean, and furniture in the waiting rooms and receptionist is what you’d expect in a modest office.

Dentists in Mexico often do all procedures, unlike U.S. dentists, who rely heavily on dental assistants. Although Americans have been coming to Mexico for dental care for decades, this concept has just recently become an acceptable option. Now you can find an affordable dentist and receive the care you need without spending thousands of dollars.

Although some are more fluent than others, our dentists in Mexico speak English. In any case, the office staff always has someone available who speaks English well, and there are few problems communicating your needs to our dentists.

Getting to our offices – Fly or Walk?

Beyond Borders Dental only refers to a few dental offices that we know very well and have referred many satisfied patients. Here are some things to consider in choosing the location that is best for you:

For patients who don’t want to travel internationally, we refer them to our border-town dental offices in Juárez, Los Algodones, and Tijuana, Mexico. These dental offices are located just a few minutes across the Texas, Arizona, and California borders.

Travel to Mexico for Low-Cost Dental Care

The dental office in Juárez has drivers who provide complimentary transfers across the border from El Paso and return you to El Paso after your appointment.

The border to Los Algodones is much smaller; you can park your car on the U.S. side and walk across the border to Los Algodones. Our dental office in Los Algodones is two blocks from the bridge. Similarly to Los Algodones, the Tijuana border is easily accessible near San Diego, California.

If you’re looking for a more dental tourism experience, we have dental offices in Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Our office in Playa del Carmen accepts patients who fly into Cozumel or Cancun. All three of these locations are close in proximity and on the East coast of Mexico.

If you have questions or want a no-obligation, complimentary dental treatment estimate for your case, click this link to send us your inquiry, and we’ll get back to you.

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