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What You Need To Know About Getting Dental Care in Mexico

Here’s A Quick Overview:

  • Americans have been getting quality dental care from dentists in Mexico for over twenty years
  • You can save up to 75% – literally thousands of dollars if you need extensive dental care by getting treatment from affordable dentists in Mexico
  • It is safe to travel to Mexico for dental care if you know how and where to go, and which dental clinics to use
  • You can get quality, affordable dental care from experienced and qualified dentists in Mexico, but you must be sure of their credentials and qualifications
  • Dentists in Mexico use the same materials as U.S. dentists
  • And you can save up to 75% with our dentists in Mexico
  • How to Get the Best Price for Dental Treatment – Price Shoppers Pay Attention!
  • At our Mexico dental clinics, you can get any procedure or treatment that is available in the U.S. – dental implants, All-on-4’s, Snap-on dentures, crowns, root canals, dental implants, partial and full dentures, veneers, cosmetic dental procedures, laser dentistry and more
  • You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to travel far to get your dental care.; we can help you find affordable dentists at our Mexico dental clinics
  • It is very easy to travel to Mexico, where Beyond Borders Dental has vetted and approved dental clinics
  • You will need a valid and current passport or equivalent; see Passports & Documentation page
  • Do you need help financing your dental work? Click this link to learn more


The dental clinics in our program offer quality services from credentialed dentists. We visit and monitor our approved clinics in Mexico regularly, and we continuously evaluate our dentists based on the reviews of our patients.


Dental clinics in Mexico are simpler than dental clinics in the U.S. While equipment will be similar to an American dental clinic, Mexican dentists put much less emphasis on impressing patients with fancy furnishings in the waiting area. Bathrooms are clean, and furniture in the waiting rooms and receptionist is what you’d expect in a modest size clinic.

Dentists in Mexico, often do all of the procedures, as opposed to U.S. dentists which rely heavily on dental assistants. Although Americans have been coming to Mexico for dental care for decades, this concept is just recently started to become an acceptable option. Now you can find an affordable dentist and receive the care you need without spending thousands of dollars.

Our dentists in Mexico speak English, although some are more fluent than others. In any case, the office staff always has someone available who speaks English well, and there are few problems communicating your needs to our dentists.

Getting to Your Clinics in Juárez or Cozumel – Which is Best for You?

Beyond Borders Dental only refers to a limited number of dental offices that we know very well, and that we have sent many satisfied patients to. Here are some things to consider in choosing the location that is best for you:

For patients who don’t want to travel internationally, we refer them to our excellent dental offices in Juárez, Mexico. The dental clinic is located about 15 minutes across the border in El Paso, Texas. El Paso is about a 4-hour drive from Albuquerque, New Mexico and about a 5-hour drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you’re traveling from afar, you can fly directly to El Paso International Airport.

Travel to Mexico for Low-Cost Dental Care

Their drivers provide complimentary transfers across the border from El Paso and return you to your lodging or vehicle in El Paso after your appointment. The clinic has over 30 qualified dentists in all specialties.

We have excellent dentists in Cozumel, and the Mexican Island is easily accessed from the East Coast, or any other US location, as it is a highly desirable vacation destination. Our office has provided quality and affordable dental care to cruise ship staff and vacationers for years. Cozumel is a destination for tourism, beaches, diving, and provides easy access to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and the nearby Mayan ruins. For patients looking to combine their dental care with a tropical vacation, we refer them to our dental clinic in Cozumel, Mexico.


When you are saving as much as $1000 per dental crown or root canal, and even more for dental implants or bridges, a few hundred dollars to come for a second visit is a small price to pay. Be sure to review the documentation that is necessary for your trip, and if you need to apply for a passport start here.

dental tourism

I absolutely LOVE Beyond Borders Dental! They saved me over $10,000 in dental care! My service was handled very professionally…”

– Lynn V., Santa Fe, New Mexico –

Why Juárez and not Tijuana?Crossing Tijuana San Diego Mexico Border

We selected a dental clinic located in Juárez, Mexico because of the challenges of navigating travel to larger border communities such as Tijuana. Tijuana has a population of well over a million people and have a higher risk of problems, it’s crowded, and difficult to cross the border. The approved dental clinic in Juárez is much easier and quicker to get to and you never have to drive in Mexico.

For even more information about how our dental program in Mexico works, be sure to visit our How Our Programs Work page.




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