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Update on International Travel COVID Testing Requirements

According to the CDC, as of June 12, 2022, passengers returning to the U.S. from foreign countries (international flights) are NOT required to get a COVID test. Unfortunately, testing requirements can change anytime, and we can not take responsibility for COVID testing requirements for our patients; however, we try to provide links to reliable websites to help our patients do their research. Click This Link for updated information on the CDC website.

The same applies to border-crossing ports. Our border-crossing dental offices are in Juárez, Mexico, from El Paso, Texas, and Los Algodones, from Yuma, Arizona.

Our Vetted Offices Remain Committed to Protecting Everyone’s Health

Even before the COVID period, the doctors in our vetted dental offices adhere to precautions outlined by CDC infection control standards. Patient safety has always been and will continue to be their number one priority.

​Additionally, as the CDC changes its recommended guidelines, our doctors update their protocols and procedures accordingly. They are committed to enforcing proper protocols and doing everything possible to ensure everyone is protected.

The safety and health of our patients have also been a top priority for Beyond Borders Dental. That’s why we vetted our dental offices even before the COVID pandemic. In addition, our 4-Step Evaluation Process has consistently made the care you receive safe and comfortable.

International Air Travel versus Border Crossing

COVID variants are expected to be around for some time, but nobody knows how long. In addition, every country and airline has its COVID protocols and policies. Since we can’t keep up with every country and airline change, we try to keep a pulse on Mexico and the southern U.S. borders where our patients travel for dental care.

If you plan to travel to one of our dental offices in Cancun or Cozumel, we recommend you check with the airline you plan to fly with to get the latest updates on COVID protocols and policies. You can also find updates on COVID and travel restrictions on their website.

If you have concerns about international air travel at this time, you may be more comfortable going to our Juárez or Los Algodones dental office — both locations are land-border crossings. For more information on this topic, check out our blog, Border-Crossing vs. Vacation Medical/Dental Tourism?

This page contains the “most recent information” from various reliable sources. However, we encourage you to do your due diligence as to the risks of travel. Please let us know any questions and how we can help you travel safely to Mexico for your dental care.

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