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What happens if you use a dentist in Mexico and you have a problem?

What Happens if I Have a Problem When I Get Home?

Here are some excerpts from an email we recently received

My Tijuana Dental Implantologist fails to communicate and no response to emails. I have a major investment of over $10,500 paid for partial work performed. Might you have some helpful advice to resolve these issues or even resources to contact like a Mexican Dental Association or attorney?  Are they trying to rip off senior citizens from America??

This is not an isolated incident. Unfortunately, people turn to Beyond Borders Dental for help after they’ve gone to a dentist based only on a slick, inflated website with cheap prices that may not reflect the quality of treatment or actual skills and experience of the dentist. What happens if you get dental work from a dentist in another country and have a problem? Patients who rely on websites take significant risks, as it is difficult to resolve a conflict in Mexico, where courts are fragmented and painfully slow. It can also be very expensive and considering the chances of a positive outcome, rarely worth the risk to try to sue a Mexico dentist.

This is why a professional dental referral service like Beyond Borders Dental is critical. Yes, you can save a lot of money (even tens of thousands of dollars) by getting your dental treatment in Mexico, and there are highly skilled, honest dentists there. But the regulation in Mexico pales in comparison to the U.S. (where even American dentists are not all created equal). While a dental office might ignore an issue with one patient and avoid taking responsibility for a problem, we have sent our dental offices’ thousands of patients, and when we advocate for our patients (an important part of our services in the unlikely event of an issue), they listen to us and are responsive. In addition, we are getting feedback from our patients regularly, and you can have confidence that our dentists are professional and highly skilled. If our patients weren’t having great experiences, we wouldn’t be in business.

Keep in mind these key points

In the unlikely event there is an issue with your treatment when you get home, we will be your advocate to interface with the dental office and work towards a resolution.

All of our dental offices go through our extensive vetting process and are continually monitored through feedback from our clients. Our referral services are always free to you because we’re compensated directly from the dental offices.

Why take any chances? Let Beyond Borders Dental be your source for excellent, affordable dental treatment. You can save thousands of dollars, without the risk.

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