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Welcome to Beyond Borders!

Welcome to Beyond Borders!

The Nation’s First Dental Concierge Service

Something new is happening in dental care! People all over the US and Canada are learning that they don’t have to put off needed dental care because of the cost, and that safe, affordable dental care is available in Mexico at a fraction of the cost in the US.

Welcome to Beyond Borders, the country’s first dental concierge service.  We make traveling to Mexico to great dental clinics easy and affordable by taking care of everything you need to get your dental services in Palomas, Mexico.  Palomas is by far the easiest and safest place to receive high quality dental services at up to an 80% savings.

Take a quick tour with this 2-minute video, and then take a look at the simple steps to use our V.I.P service to get you right to your dentist’s door as cheaply as you can drive yourself.

And you have no worries about how to cross the border, how to find a clinic, and no concern about driving yourself back after extensive dental work.  Check out these “Simple Steps to Get Started” to get the whole scoop.  There are special offers right now also, so don’t wait any longer to get the dental care you need!

2 Responses to Welcome to Beyond Borders!

    • Hi Sandy,

      Thank you for contacting us; we appreciate your considering Beyond Borders Dental to coordinate your dental needs with one of our vetted and approved dental offices.

      Everybody’s dental care is unique to his or her individual case and our dentists typically refer to digital X-rays and/or treatment plan (proposal) from your US dentist to make a first-round assessment. Many times more than one treatment option is possible. The price for veneers starts at $440 per tooth and implants start at $1800 for high-quality material, crown, abutment and surgical placement is included.

      If you would like a clearer estimate for your case please use our Price Quote form, and email your dental treatment plan and X-rays to [email protected] so we can forward your case details to one of our patient care coordinator who will be happy to schedule a no-cost phone consultation to discuss your case, explain about possible treatment options, proximate prices and can answer other questions you may have.

      We hope this addresses your comments and is helpful. Please let us know how else we can help you.

Financing Options

Over 40 financing plans through Beyond Borders, with terms up to five years.

Special Offer!
$25 off first concierge trip

Limited Time Offer!

Save $25 off your first concierge trip with us

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