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Why you need a reputable dental referral service.

Why You Need a Reputable Dental Referral Service

How important is making the right decisions and choices when going abroad for health care? Of course, we also understand the importance of saving money, but there’s much more to consider when going to a foreign country for health care services. This blog explains the importance of using a reputable dental referral service to find the best dental care in Mexico. In addition, it lists essential things to consider, especially if you’ve never considered traveling abroad for dental services.

Beyond Borders Dental team spends a significant amount of time talking and answering questions for people thinking about this alternative option, mainly due to costs in the U.S. There are no call center operators in our organization. Instead, we assign each patient a well-trained, English-speaking Patient Care Coordinator. As a result, patients have access to the same individuals from start to finish, even after they return home.

We believe in total transparency with patients, ensuring their needs are a top priority, answering their questions, and walking them through every step without charging referral fees; it’s a winning business model. Our vetted dental offices compensate us directly for our referral services.

What if you could go to Mexico for dental work, have a better treatment experience, and save a lot of money, sometimes thousands of dollars, than in the U.S.? Where doctors are well trained and experienced, use advanced equipment, and use industry-standard quality material, and their motivation is genuinely helping you. If this sounds appealing to you, we can’t agree more, and these are the reasons and principles Beyond Borders Dental was founded to help thousands of patients. To this day, we only use our vetted dentists in Mexico when we need dental work.

Referral Fees

A reputable dental referral service will not charge patients for their services. Instead, Beyond Borders Dental does 90% of the screening process of patients for our dental offices. We answer most questions or at least get answers for patients, advocate on behalf of patients, are available to patients after they return home, and follow up with patients. We always support them in the unlikely event of a dispute or misunderstanding. Fortunately for us, this rarely happens, but this wasn’t the case for this patient; read this blog on What happens if you use a dentist in Mexico and have a problem?


Know the reputation of the dental office through word of mouth or independent reviews on the Internet (not from their website). Ask if they do site visits and what is their vetting process. Then it’s up to you to pick their brains and ask many questions, many of which are below.

Ask about the credentialing of the dentists. Many dentists are attached to universities and teach their trade or are well-known. Sometimes dental offices at the border have several dentists working there, and you may be surprised at how young many of them are. You may want to ask for a highly experienced dentist to treat you, more frequently referred to as the senior dentist. Also, you will not find dental hygienists or assistants in Mexican offices. Even though they graduated from university, dentists do all the work independently.

Ask about the dental materials they use, for example, the nobility of the metal in their crowns, or when appropriate, what brand names they use, for example, for implants. Some offices in Mexico use the same Implant materials we use here in the U.S., such as Nobel Biocare or Straumann. You can ask them if they will be prepared to show you the official label from the company, which they usually adhere to your chart. The Mexican government puts a cap on the markup from medical, dental, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to control the costs, but they are the same products used here.

Modern Equipment

You may also want to ask if they use digital X-rays, which they should!!! A modern office should be computerized and have email. You should be able to email them your U.S. treatment plans and digital X-rays; they should do the same for you if you request.


It is an excellent sign when the office has an office manager who speaks English. They should be able to guide you through crossing the border to their office if they have a driver to pick you up and all the necessities to make your visit successful. A reputable office will provide a staff member who can answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable while you’re there. They should be able to explain the treatment plan and procedures to you as well.


Cleanliness is essential, but don’t mistake it for simplicity. The offices I have experienced are immaculate with the same autoclaves and sterilization techniques as the U.S. You will see the same sterilization tubs of wipes in operatories here in the U.S. We have spent much time in Mexico. In general, from dental offices to restaurants, the bathrooms are some of the cleanest we have ever seen anywhere. If the office is not clean, leave!!!


Ask about their guarantee policies, services, and materials used. For example, many offices guarantee their work and materials for 1-4 years.

Dental Insurance Assistance

Ask if the dental office can help process your dental insurance. It is an excellent sign if they are willing to help you and able to do so. But, of course, you must first check with your insurance company about dental care coverage in Mexico.

Work Ethics

Our vetted dental offices in Mexico are there to treat all foreigners, including Americans; it is genuinely their intention. Our dentists are authentic and genuine in their care for you and are much more heart-centered than U.S. healthcare providers.

They also tend to be more honest in their diagnosis. In our experience, Mexican dentists often disagree with U.S. treatment plans, which can be heavily over-diagnosed. Hence, not having excess or unnecessary work often saves you even more money! Another great blog on this topic is Understanding Mexican Work Culture.

In Closing

We highly recommend caution in larger cities where dental offices are very competitive for your business. Ignoring the above suggestions could easily get conned into an underrated dental office in Mexico or any other country, for that matter. If you’re price shopping, that’s great; be sure you compare apples to apples!

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