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Dental Tourism Transportation Fee

Transportation Fee

From Santa Fe service center: $250 roundtrip
From Albuquerque service center: $210 roundtrip

Includes transportation to Deming NM, and also the free shuttle to the Mexico border the next day. You are then accompanied to your Mexico dentist office. Includes transportation from the Mexico border back to your service center in Albuquerque or Santa Fe. All dental clinics are walking distance, a block or two from the border.

We accompany you to your dental clinic in Mexico and back to the shuttle. Wheelchair assistance can be provided with advance notice. If you need to be driven to the clinic, arrangements can also be made, but please let us know right away.

Driving Cost Analysis

Besides the convenience of having our dental tourism van transport you while you rest, read, or surf the Internet on your phone or laptop, the actual cost to use our concierge service is less expensive than driving your car when all costs are considered.

Much more than just the cost of gas must be considered. According to the AAA analysis of the cost per mile in 2015 (58.1 cents per mile for a mid-size sedan), the cost to drive roundtrip from Albuquerque to Palomas is $313.20 and from Santa Fe it is $382.80. The Beyond Borders transport service from Albuquerque to Deming NM, and then free transfer to Palomas is $210. The cost from Santa Fe is $250.

More importantly, our staff drivers will be chaffering you on your return back home, so if you’ve had extensive dental work done, you don’t have to drive.

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