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The Top 5 Reasons Why Our Shuttle Service to Mexico is so Popular

The Top 5 Reasons Why Our Shuttle Service to Mexico is so Popular

Let’s face it, no one ever looks forward to getting dental care.  At Beyond Borders Dental want to make getting affordable dental care as easy and seamless as possible.  This is why we offer “private shuttle service” where we not only coordinate your dental care with a high-quality dentist in Mexico; we drive you there in our private van.

Our private shuttle service is a full-service program that starts in Santa Fe, stops in Albuquerque and other select locations along Interstate 25, taking you directly to your dentist’s office in Mexico.

We’re with you every step of the way.  We also offer a self-service option for those who prefer to drive themselves, but our private shuttle service is still the number one option for our clients.

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Why It’s So Popular


Shuttle Service to Mexico
Our private shuttle service is our most popular option.


#1 It’s easy:  Let’s face it driving 4 to 5 hours can be stressful, especially to a destination you’ve never been to before.  This is why our private shuttle service option is a favorite with our clients.


Private Shuttle Service to Mexico
Our driver will pick you up at one of our service centers and drive you to Mexico for your dental appointment.


In our private, comfortable 12-passenger air-conditioned van, our driver transports you to and from your dental appointment in Mexico. You can kick back and relax while you read, nap, listen to music, or surf the Internet on your phone or laptop.


Cheap Dental Care Mexico
You can sleep on the way down too if you wish!

More importantly, if you’ve had extensive dental treatment done and are groggy, you don’t have to worry about driving home; you can rest and recuperate instead.


Jennine loved being pampered with our private shuttle service.


Jennine described her experience of our private shuttle service, “The whole process is well thought out.  You don’t have to do anything but just show up.  You just feel great.  It’s just nice to be that pampered when you’re going to see the dentist.  It’s kind of nice to have somebody hold your hand through the whole process.”  You can read and her story and watch as we follow her to Mexico with cameras here.


Beyond Borders Dental is with you every step of the way!


#2 It’s safe: Smaller border towns are safer.  Unlike some of the larger cities, our dental offices are located on the northern borders of Mexico which are well known for dental tourism and safer border-towns.  Just as you would in any place you’ve never been before, it’s important to use common sense and awareness.  Our staff will make sure you are directed to places where it’s safe and fun.


Mexico Border Towns
Typical Streets in a Mexico Border Town.


With our private shuttle service, our staff escorts you to your appointment.  You don’t have to worry about parking your car at the border or crossing the border on your own.  In fact, we will take you directly to your dental office and back when your treatment is complete.


Dentists in Mexico
We take care of the details so you can relax during your appointment.


We recommend using our private shuttle service if you have never been to Mexico before.  This way you can get a feel for the country and if you choose, go on your own the next time.  Not surprisingly, because of the ease and convenience, many of our clients choose to use our private shuttle service for return trips.


It’s nice to have others with you on your journey to Mexico.


#3 It’s affordable:  Did you know that opting for our private shuttle service actually costs less than driving yourself to Mexico?   According to the AAA analysis of the cost per mile in 2015 (58.1 cents per mile for a mid-size sedan), the average cost to drive roundtrip from Albuquerque to Northern Mexico is $313.20 and from Santa Fe, it is $382.80.  Most people just consider the cost of gasoline, neglecting the more important costs of wear and tear on your vehicle, depreciation from additional mileage, and wear on your tires.  Yes, it’s actually cheaper (and easier!) to allow us to do the driving for you.  We drive, you rest and relax.

Our private shuttle service makes getting dental care in Mexico easy and affordable.



Meet new friends and have a mini-vacay!


#4 It’s fun:  Can getting dental work really be fun?  Actually, yes and this is often what our clients say about their experience!  Many describe their dental trip as “like a mini vacation”.  When you choose our private shuttle service, you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful southwest scenery of our state.


Enjoy some local entertainment while you’re in Mexico!


#5 You’ll make friends:  When you choose our private shuttle service option, you’ll be traveling with other Americans going for dental care too.  You’ll have the chance to connect on the van ride down and back, and the opportunity to form wonderful friendships—exchange contact details, and share the experience of Mexico.  A highlight of these trips is spending the night at our hotel and enjoying dinner together—all part of the fun.

It’s a really amazing experience to go down with other people. Together, you will all be on a dental tourism adventure.

You’ll meet great people on your journey to Mexico for dental care.


Interested to know more about our services?  Take a moment to fill out our brief price quote form or call us today at (505) 738-7770 and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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