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The Root of the Matter: Root Canals in Santa Fe

The Root of the Matter: Root Canals in Santa Fe


Imagine this: you’re sitting at home about to eat dinner. As you bite down, you feel a jolt of pain shoot through your jaw. You knew this was coming. Your tooth has been aching for weeks and you’ve been putting off seeing a dentist because of the cost. But now the moment of truth has arrived. You officially need a root canal.  If you’re currently searching for a dentist in Santa Fe for your dreaded root canal, there are a few things you should know.


No one wants to hear the news that they need a root canal.


Root canals in Santa Fe are not cheap, in fact, they are going to set you back a pretty penny.

According to a national survey, a root canal in Santa Fe costs $1,355. If you don’t have insurance, then this can be a devastating blow to your finances. What you might not realize is that even with insurance, you’ll pay about $677 out of pocket. If you’re like most people in Santa Fe, you probably don’t have an extra $677 to spend on dental work and would like to find an option for a more affordable root canal. This can be especially challenging for seniors on a fixed income.


business, finance, saving, technology and people concept - close up of woman hands with smartphone and us dollar money
Root canals in Santa Fe cost upwards of $1,400!


Obviously, the prohibitive cost of dental care cannot stop you from having the procedure. If you let the root canal sit without treatment, you could face infection, which can lead to all kinds of health concerns (even death). Dental care is non-negotiable. But what is negotiable is the way in which you choose to receive dental care. You can visit a dentist in Santa Fe or you could take the road less traveled (though it is become a more and more popular road every year).


Dentist Palomas Mexico
Mexico is a great option for residents of Santa Fe.

You could choose to travel to Mexico to have a more affordable root canal.

Traveling abroad for cheaper dental care is not a new concept: Americans have been doing it for 20 years. But it has become more popular over the last several years as people have become more educated about the safety and cost savings of dental tourism.


Thousands of Americans cross the border for dental care each year.

Here are things you need to know about getting a cheap root canal in Mexico.

You Will Save A Lot Of Money: You can get a very affordable root canal in Mexico. Instead of paying around $1,355 (without insurance), you will pay about $240. Even people with insurance will save over $400.




Cheap Does Not Mean Low Quality: The low cost of dental work like root canals in Mexico has lead a lot of people to assume that the quality is lower than dental work in Santa Fe. The truth is that U.S. dentists inflate their prices to cover high salaries and fancy extras. In Mexico, the cost of living is very low which allows them to provide you with an affordable root canal. Dentists do not take on debt to get their schooling (it is subsidized), so salaries are understandably lower than those of Santa Fe dentists.


Portrait of a young woman dentist showing thumb up on background dental office
Cheaper rent and cost of living contribute to the lower prices in Mexico


Another factor for the low cost and your ability to have a cheap root canal, is that the Mexican government monitors and restricts the amount of profits in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Finally, Mexican dental offices offer fewer frills than Santa Fe dentist offices. When you walk into a Mexican dental office, you will see worn furniture, clean (but modest) accommodations, and blank walls. You will not see flat screen TVs showing before and after pictures, and you won’t be greeted by a large staff.


Jennine Ralph & Dentist-2
Mexico dental offices have less frills but the quality is still high.


Patients are usually all treated in the same large room. The surroundings might seem different than you’re used to, but the care will still be high quality.  By going to Mexico, you can get a cheap root canal without sacrificing quality.


Dental Tourism Is Safe: As dental tourism becomes more popular, pop up “dentists” are also becoming more prevalent. But you can easily avoid these scams with some research and preparation. Make sure to read reviews before booking your appointment for your low cost root canal. It’s also important that you choose a city for your procedure that is safe for American tourists.


Palomas is a much safer city than Juarez.


Big cities like Tijuana and Juarez are popular spots for dental tourism, but they are also crowded and dangerous. Palomas, on the other hand, is a small town of just 5,000 people. It is very safe and heavily caters to American dental tourists. In Palomas, you can get a cheap root canal at a reputable clinic and you will feel safe the entire time.


You’ll Have High Quality Dental Care: Dentists in Mexico are required to get the same amount of training as dentists in Santa Fe. They use the same materials for dental implants, crowns, etc., and they work with the same equipment. Anesthesia is also comparable to what is used in the U.S. Essentially the quality of care is the same even though the root canal is more affordable. The biggest noticeable difference is that you will receive most (if not all) of your care from the dentist himself.


Dental Clinic Palomas Mexico
Dentist is Palomas are highly trained and credentialed.


If you’re looking for a low cost root canal in Santa Fe, you may want to consider heading south to save money. 

A dental tourism agency can help find you a cheap root canal and coordinate your entire trip. By working through an agency, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress researching. At Beyond Borders, we work with a handful of reputable, high-quality dentists in Palomas, Mexico. We take care of scheduling the appointment and we pay the dentist so you don’t have to worry about foreign currency. We also provide transportation to and from your appointment so you won’t have to find a friend to drive you there and back.

To learn more about how Beyond Borders can help you save money on your next root canal feel out this free quote form here or give us a call at (505) 738-7770.

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