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Simple Steps To Get Started

Here Are The Simple Steps To Get Started:

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  1. Get your dental treatment plan from a US dentist.
  2. Choose either our Dental Concierge or Self-Service program.
  3. Send us your dental treatment plan and Beyond Borders program choice for a free quote from our approved dental clinics in Palomas.
  4. Schedule your services at a time that is convenient for you.
  5. Pay a deposit to hold your appointment (20% of your total quote).
  6. Pay the remaining balance of your quote at least 72 hours before your appointment.
  7. The day before your departure/your appointment, we send you a detailed email confirming the time to arrive, what you need to bring, weather updates in Deming and Palomas, and directions to our center.

NOTE: Most dentists in Palomas don’t take credit cards and require cash or check, so we collect the fees in advance. You don’t need to carry a checkbook or large amounts of cash with you.  Also, please be sure to review our cancellation policy prior to booking.

If You Are Using Our Concierge Service Program:

conciergecircleOur comfortable van will take you to our preferred lodging partner where you will spend the night.  The next morning our van will shuttle you to the border, accompany you to your clinic, and makes sure you are all settled in to receive your dental work in Mexico.  After services are complete, you are accompanied back to the border and transported back to our service center.

If You Are Using Our Self-Service Program:

selfservice2You will drive to our preferred lodging partner where you will spend the night.  Then you drive to the border the next morning for your dental work in Mexico.  An email to you will explain all you need to know about crossing the border, and will have directions to your clinic.

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IMPORTANT: A dental treatment plan from a stateside dentist is highly recommended for either program.

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