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What Kind of Dental Services Can I Get in Mexico?


You can get almost any kind of dental work done in Mexico that is available in the US, including:

  • Porcelain dental crowns
  • Root canals
  • Veneers
  • Full restorative and cosmetic dentistry
  • Dental implants and bone grafts
  • Dental bridges, full and partial
  • Cleanings and fillings
  • Mercury removal
  • Periodontics
  • Orthodontics

Our Dental Tourism Programs

Dental Concierge
Our Dental Concierge Program is a full service dental tourism program that delivers you right to your approved dentist’s door for the same cost or less than you can drive yourself. It takes all of the worry out of cross-border dental services. Our driver will pick you up from our service center in Santa Fe or Albuquerque and escort you to your dental appointment in Palomas.
Self Service
Our Self Service Program is for someone who is more comfortable crossing the border and finding your dental clinic in Mexico on your own. We will schedule your appointment with an approved dentist at up to 80% savings but you will need to drive yourself to drive yourself to Palomas to receive your dental services.

Our Happy Clients

No matter which program you choose, we will:

  • Help you with your dental treatment plan
  • Get your quote for getting your dental work done in Mexico
  • Book your lodging with our preferred hotel partner
  • Schedule your appointment at one of our approved dental clinics in Mexico
  • Follow up with you after your appointment

Cost Comparisons For Getting Dental Work Done in Mexico

*Average national prices. Actual prices may vary.
Procedure USA* Beyond
Porcelain Crown $1200 From $260 $940
Root Canal $1250 From $330 $920
Dental Implant $2250 From $2000 $250
Extraction $185 From $705 $110
Partial Denture $1800 From $495 $1305
Full Denture $3000-$5000 From $990 $2010-$4010


How Much Can I Save?

If you have the need for extensive dental work, you can get affordable dental work while saving thousands of dollars through our program. On average, our patients save 50% – 80% on dental work in performed at our clinics in Mexico.

If you need help paying for treatment then be sure to check out our financing options.

Beyond Borders is an educational and referral dental tourism agency located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Why Choose Us?

Dentists in MexicoWe help people understand how to save thousands of dollars on quality dental care in Mexico and make travel to approved dental clinics in Mexico easy and affordable.

Our services include:

  • Giving up-to-date, well-researched information about getting safe, quality dentist in Palomas, Mexico
  • Vetting Mexico dentists through our 4-step evaluation process to assure that individuals can access dental clinics in Mexico that have a long history of safe, quality dental services
  • Offering concierge services that include transportation, lodging, and other services at great savings, making the process of getting dental care in Mexico as effortless and easy as possible

Getting the dental work you need is easier than you think!

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