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Seniors Head to Mexico for Low-Cost Dental Work

Seniors Head to Mexico for Low-Cost Dental Work

With dental costs continuing to rise rapidly over the last few decades, it comes as no surprise that seniors are turning to dental tourism for affordable dental care. In fact, tens of thousands of seniors travel across the border each year to save on high-ticket dental procedures like dental crowns, dental implants, root canals, dental bridges, and more.

Dental tourism is when individuals travel beyond their local city and often across borders to find quality dentists offering affordable dental treatment.

Many seniors find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the rising expenses associated with dental care as they age. Most seniors live off a fixed income or life savings. When faced with a bill for tens of thousands of dollars for dental care, getting the treatment, they need often becomes impossible. This leads to many seniors delaying dental treatment or going into debt to pay for their dental care.

Why are Seniors Traveling Across the Border for Dental Care?

The costs for dental care in the U.S. are some of the highest in the world. Fortunately, many Americans are beginning to realize that they don’t have to pay such high prices and that many procedures can be done at a fraction of the cost in Mexico.

The concept of dental and medical tourism is growing worldwide. Developing countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand can provide the same services and dental care as developed countries. However, for up to 75% less than in the U.S. This, combined with a growing trend of standardization of qualifications across the world, leads to many universities training their students at the same high level as the U.S.

A woman in a dental office smiling for the camera.
Expect professional, exceptional dental care in Mexico.

Many graduate dentists have built long-term, trusting relationships with their foreign patients. Every graduate is required to pass a 4-year program. In addition, dentists in Mexico must complete one year of practice in a government health office before they’re qualified to work in a private office.

With this in mind, it is clear why seniors choose to travel across the border for their major dental care. With the same high standard of dental care available, a short trip to Mexico, which welcomes Americans with warm hospitality and significant savings, makes this an appealing opportunity for seniors.

Dental Insurance Vs. Dental Tourism in Mexico

These dental health concerns lead to expensive treatment procedures, which seniors who are living off fixed income may find difficult to afford. Dental insurance is minimal for most major procedures. If a procedure is covered, the insurance is often accompanied by a high deductible or will only cover a small percentage of the procedure. This means seniors are still responsible for thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for their dental treatment.

A woman in a dental office smiling for the camera.
The savings on dental care can be shocking!


Seniors commonly require dental procedures like implants, All-on-4’s, snap-in dentures, root canals, dental bridges, dental crowns, and traditional dentures.  Dentists in Mexico offer all of these procedures for 50-75% less than U.S. dentists.


Here are a few cost savings examples:

  • Dental evaluations should be at least yearly, can cost patients as little as $20 (often waived) in Mexico, whereas in the U.S., the average rate is $120
  • Root canals that treat infections at the center of the tooth can cost as low as $250, whereas they would be up to $1250 in the U.S.
  • Dental implants to replace a missing tooth with a titanium screw to fill the empty root cavity, average $1500 (porcelain crown included) in Mexico, while in the U.S., they cost upwards of $2500 (porcelain crown excluded)
  • Conventional dentures average $1200 (full set) in Mexico dental offices and cost upwards of $3000 in the U.S. Since dentists advise that you replace dentures every three to four years for optimal oral health, over time, this can cost seniors tens of thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.
  • Dental crowns are “caps†shaped like a tooth, covering a weak or decaying tooth to renew its size and strength. Crowns cost an average of $1200 in the U.S. – in Mexico, a dental crown averages only $425.

More on Dentists in Mexico

Mexico’s northern border is an easy day’s drive from Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona; it’s no wonder why seniors are opting to take the trip to Mexico to save thousands of dollars on their dental bills. Once in El Paso, Texas, the dental office’s drivers provide complimentary transfers to/from the office – you don’t have to drive in Mexico.

As many seniors realize, crossing the border to save on dental care in Mexico is a safe and easy journey. Beyond Borders Dental is here to assist you each step of the way. We understand that no one looks forward to going to the dentist, but we make the whole process as easy and comfortable for you as possible. Beyond Borders Dental, a trustworthy patient referral agency, will coordinate and oversee your care.

With the significant cost savings of dental care in Mexico and the complete coordination of care offered with Beyond Borders Dental, seniors no longer have to delay getting the major dental care they need.

To find out more about how you can get affordable, high-quality dental care in Mexico, call us today at (505) 738-7770, or click this link to send us your inquiry, and we’ll get back to you.

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