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Seniors are Heading to Mexico for Cheap Dental Care

Seniors are Heading to Mexico for Cheap Dental Care

With dental costs continuing to rise rapidly over the last few decades, it comes as no surprise that seniors are turning to dental tourism for affordable dental care.  In fact, tens of thousands of seniors cross the border each year to save on high-ticket dental procedures like dental crowns, dental implants, root canals, dental bridges, and more.

Dental tourism is when individuals choose to travel beyond their local city, and often, across borders, in order to find cheap dentists offering affordable dental treatment.

Many seniors find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the rising expenses associated with dental care as they age.  Most seniors live off a fixed income or life savings.  When faced with a bill for tens of thousands of dollars for dental care, getting the treatment they need often becomes impossible.  This leads to many seniors delaying dental treatment or going into debt to pay for their dental care.

Why Are Seniors Traveling Across The Border For Dental Care?

The costs for dental care in the US are some of the highest in the world.  Fortunately, many Americans are beginning to realize that they don’t have to pay such high prices and that many procedures can be done at a fraction of the cost in Mexico.

The concept of dental and medical tourism is growing worldwide.  Developing countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand, are able to provide the same services and dental care as a developed country and for up to 80% less than in the US.  Want to know how much you can save? Get your free quote here.

You can save up to $1,000 on your root canal in Mexico!

This combined with a growing trend of standardization of qualifications across the world is leading to many universities training their students at the same high level as the US.

Just across the US border in Mexico, graduate dentists have managed to build up an honest reputation with their foreign clients.  Every graduate is required to pass a four-year program.  In addition, dentists in Mexico must complete one year of practice in a government health clinic before they are qualified to run or work in a private clinic.

dentist mexico
Dental hygienist in Mexico

This means that a dentist in Mexico is in no way offering a lower standard of care or quality in their dental services.

Bearing this information in mind, it is clear why seniors are choosing to travel across the border for their major dental work.  With the same high standard of dental care available, a short trip to Mexico, which welcomes Americans with warm hospitality and extraordinary savings, makes this an appealing opportunity for seniors.

Dental Insurance Vs. Dental Tourism in Palomas, Mexico

Each of these dental health concerns lead to expensive treatment procedures, which for seniors who are living off fixed income may find difficult to afford.  Dental insurance is very limited for most major procedures.  If a procedure is covered, the insurance is often accompanied by a high deductible or will only cover a small percentage of the procedure.  This means seniors are still responsible for thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for their dental treatment.

senior bald man is examining his cash savings
Seniors are forced to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for major dental procedures

Seniors commonly require dental procedures like dental implants, root canals, dental bridges, dental crowns, and dentures.  Dentist in Mexico offer all of these procedures for 50-80% less than US dentists.  Here are a few cost savings examples:

  • Dental evaluations which should be carried out yearly, can cost patients as little as $20 in Mexico whereas in the US, the average rate is $120
  • Root canals which treat infections at the center of the tooth, can cost as low as $280 whereas they would be up to $1250 in the USA
  • Dental implants to replace a missing tooth with a titanium screw to fill the empty root cavity, average $1500 in Mexico while in the US they cost upwards of $2500
  • Dentures are removable plate frames, which can hold one or more artificial teeth, average $690 in Mexico dental clinics and cost upwards of $3000 in dental clinics in the US.  Since dentists advise that you replace dentures every three to four years for optimal oral health, overtime this can cost seniors tens of thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.
  • Dental crowns are “caps” shaped like a tooth, which cover a weak or decaying tooth to renew its size and strength.  Dental crowns cost an average of $1200 in the US while in Mexico, a dental crown averages only $230.

Dentists in Palomas, Mexico

Palomas, is a small town situated in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.  Palomas offers qualified professional dental clinics that are renowned for treating American clients and meeting the quality standards of dental care.  The city itself is only 270 miles away from Albuquerque, a four-hour drive or 300 miles away from Santa Fe, a five-hour drive.  With the close proximity of Palomas to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, it’s no wonder why seniors are opting to take the trip to Mexico to save thousands of dollars on their dental bill.

Beyond Borders 13
One of our dentist in Palomas, Mexico

Beyond Borders Dental offers two options for clients.  Our dental concierge service includes round-trip transportation from Santa Fe or Albuquerque to your dental clinic in Palomas Mexico.  We coordinate every aspect of your care including scheduling your dental appointment and lodging at our hotel partner in Deming.  The second option we offer is self-service.  If you prefer to travel alone, you can to book your appointment through us and drive yourself to Palomas for your dental services.

Dental Treatment Mexico
Our dental concierge service shuttles you from Santa Fe or Albuquerque to your dentist in Palomas

*If you are coming from out of state, we will even arrange transportation from your hotel.  

With just a simple, overnight trip, many seniors are realizing that they can make a short vacation out of the journey.  Many souvenir shops line the streets on the other side of the border and locals appreciate the growing tourism trend and welcome them with their warm Mexican hospitality.  Seniors can visit the ever famous ‘The Pink Store and Restaurant’ known for its arts and crafts and delicious Mexican dishes.

The famous Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico

There are many other money saving opportunities available on the other side of the border such as low cost prescription drugs and optical examinations with same day prescription glasses or contact lenses pickup.

As many seniors are realizing, crossing the border to save on dental care in Palomas, Mexico is a safe and easy journeyBeyond Borders Dental is here to assist you each step of the way.  We understand that no one looks forward to getting dental work but we make the whole process as easy and comfortable for you as possible.  With Beyond Borders Dental, all your needs are taken care of.

Mexico Border Dentists
Some of our dentist in Palomas

With the significant cost savings of dental care in Palomas, Mexico and the complete coordination of care offered with Beyond Borders Dental, seniors no longer have to delay getting the major dental work that they need.  We support you throughout your trip so you can have a safe, reliable and comfortable experience.

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