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What About The Quality?

How Can I Be Sure To Find A Good Dentist In Mexico?

Thousands of people cross the border each year to connect with quality, affordable dentists in Mexico. American patients have been getting dental treatments done in Mexico, for many years, and in some cases, decades. According to a report commissioned by Families U.S.A., a Washington advocacy group for health-care issues, “About 90 percent [feel] the dental care they had received in Mexico had been good or excellent.” That is actually better than the results for care received in the U.S. in the same survey.

It is important to know which dental clinics and Mexico dentists are safe to use. You should be informed, read testimonials of dentists in Mexico, and find a trustworthy cross-border dental referral company that can direct you to reputable dentists in Mexico.

Beyond Borders Dental is committed to referring individuals to the best dental clinics for both cost and quality in Mexico.



Our Mexico Dental Clinic Evaluation Process

Each Mexico dental office in our program is carefully vetted through a 4-step evaluation process to assure the quality of services. In addition, the dentist in Mexico guarantee their services. Our assessment includes:

  1. Site visits to all Mexico dental clinics in our program
  2. Assessment of the credentials and interviews with our dentists in Mexico
  3. Periodic reviews of dental practices with our dental advisory board
  4. Careful monitoring of patients who use our dentists in Mexico to assure the continued high-level of professionalism and quality of care being performed

Can You Trust Our Dentists in Mexico?  A Better Question: Can You Trust YOUR Dentist?

Better home care in the U.S., as well as changing profits for certain dental procedures, have both influenced a pattern of widely divergent diagnoses from dentist to dentist. Over the last two generations, the amount of cavities has decreased by 50%, while the number of dentists has greatly increased, with more dentists churned out from American dental schools every year. More and more, dentists are competing with each other, creating pressures to find new profit centers. This is evidenced by the sprouting of newsletters such as The Profitable Dentist and seminars and courses on how to generate more profits for the dentist.

According to William Ecenbarger, an award winning investigative journalist, “Dentistry is a stunningly inexact science.”  In his article “How Dentists Rip Us Off”, he documents his experience in being diagnosed by fifty different dentists, with cost quotes on the dental treatments ranging from under $1000 to over $28,000.  Almost a third of the dentists he consulted missed the actual confirmed problem he had (one crown on tooth No. 30).

This is further skewed by dental insurance, which rewards the dentist for some services much more lucratively than other services. So the type of insurance and coverage you have may impact the recommendations of the dentist. According to Dr. John Dodes, dental expert for the National Council for Health Fraud, treatment parameters that have been adapted by the American Dental Association are “mostly nebulous generalities that do little to guarantee patients adequate treatment.” Some dentists may take advantage of the opportunity to recommend costly, and for them, more lucrative treatment that is unnecessary.

We’ve selected the best clinics and dentists in Mexico to be part of our program. With Beyond Borders Dental you don’t have to sacrifice quality dental care to save money.

What Does it Mean if You Choose Beyond Borders Dental Vetted and Approved Dentists in Mexico?

Many U.S. dentists are honest and well-trained, but many factors—as discussed above—affect the consistency of a treatment plan from dentist to dentist. Our dentists in Mexico have told us in no uncertain terms that their diagnosis, which is not driven by the same economic influences as U.S. dentists, may differ from a dental treatment plan obtained by a U.S. dentist. Ultimately, the care that our Mexico dentists do will be based on their review of your dental treatment plan, and their examination in person. So the dental treatment plan you submit, and the work that is ultimately done in Mexico could differ. It could be less, and it could be more. So it is imperative to know that Beyond Borders Dental has endeavored to carefully screen, through direct meetings and interviews, the Mexico dentists in our programs.

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dentistry in mexico

The office doctor and his assistant are the best!  Always friendly, explain everything they are doing and get it done as quick as possible.”

— Eddie T., Age 57

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes. The dentists in Mexico that are part of our program guarantee their dental treatment.  If you are unhappy, or need any adjustment (which is not uncommon for dental care in the U.S. as well), they will modify or redo the dental work as necessary.

Even though you may be saving thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars, with your treatment at our approved offices, keep in mind that you may incur additional costs and time if there needs to be an adjustment. For instance, you could have additional hotel and meal costs.  But considering the savings our clients enjoy, most people find that the modest costs of travel are inconsequential compared to the substantial savings on their dental care.

What About Testimonials?

As a final step in becoming completely at ease with having your dental care done by our referred dentists in Mexico, please see our testimonials from patients of the actual Mexico dental offices and dentists in our program. Their consistently favorable experiences reflect the quality of care our Mexico dentists can provide.

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