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Palomas Removed from our Referral Program

Why We No Longer Refer Clients to Dentists in Palomas, Mexico

At Beyond Borders Dental we are always looking to improve both the quality and the cost of dental services for our clients.  That’s our job, and our services are always free to you to be sure you have the best possible experience and receive the quality dental care you need at an affordable cost.  As such, we no longer refer clients to dental offices in Palomas, Mexico.  Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Dentists with more experience and training at our current recommended offices.
  2. Better infrastructure, internet, and communications at our new partner clinics.
  3. More sophisticated equipment and procedures at our newer clinics.
  4. In most cases, better prices and longer guarantee of the dental work.
  5. No hospital nearby in Palomas, in case of emergencies.
  6. Dental specialists at the Palomas office are often contractors from other Mexican cities or newly graduated dentists, rather than resident professionals.
  7. Our currently recommended offices pick up our clients on the U.S. side and deliver them back across the border.

What sets Beyond Borders Dental apart from other referral agencies is we vet all our dental offices before we accept them in our referral program.  In addition, we make regular visits to the dental offices, to make sure they adhere to our standards, follow up with our clients after their appointments, advocate on their behalf when needed and refer clients based on their individual dental needs.  We go even further to help with hotel accommodations at our special rates and advise you of any last minute changes.

Unfortunately, many people refer their friends and family members directly to the same office they had a great experience without knowing that changes may have occurred since their last visit or considering the individual dental needs of their friend, which may be different from their own treatment needs.

The dental offices in our referral program are far more advanced than others, use higher quality materials, have full-time dentists (not contractors on an as-needed basis), are equipped with the latest dental equipment, and are able to perform all procedures in one office.  The dental offices we currently work with offer a much longer guarantee period, i.e., four years verses one year.

We want to inform you that we are no longer referring our Beyond Borders Dental clients to dentists in Palomas, Mexico, including American Dental Care (ADC).  While the dentists there are fine for general dentistry, when it comes to implants and other complicated procedures where experience, skill, and training are essential, we feel our dental office in Juarez is a much better option.  In addition, the availability of hospitals in case of emergency, and reliable infrastructure including internet and electricity makes Juarez a far superior choice for our dental clients.

Our vetted and approved clinic in Juarez is located in the country club area, which is safe and easily accessible, minutes from the US border.  Our clinic’s transportation team will pick you up right at the airport in El Paso on the US side, or at one of our participating hotel partners in El Paso, and bring you back to your hotel or the airport after your treatment.  The managing director of our preferred dental office is an internationally trained dental professional with training in Europe, the U.S., and Mexico.  They use only the best brand names for implants and their prices are actually lower than the Palomas dental office.  In addition, their dental services are guaranteed for four years.  We have been sending clients there for two years now, with excellent success and satisfaction from our clients.

We are always improving the quality of dental offices and our services, and since there is no cost to you for the research that we do every day, it makes sense to be sure to check with us and allow us to address your specific treatment needs.  Thanks to you, as Beyond Border Dental clientele grows, we are able to provide you with the highest quality of care at the best facilities.

We understand if you find Palomas or our previous partner, ADC, to be the most comfortable and/or convenient location for yourself.

Please feel free to contact them directly, as we are no longer sending our clients there.  It was our pleasure and pride to help you on the road to quality affordable care across the border.  We are always here for you if you would ever like to try one of our other partner dentists, and again, our services and individual attention to your needs is always free.

Here is a message from a patient who scheduled an appointment with a dental clinic in Palomas directly.  When she realized she wasn’t going to get resolution, she called Beyond Borders Dental for help.  Unfortunately, we aren’t able to advocate for clients who don’t book through us.

“Hi, I saw that you take people to American Dental Care in Mexico.  I had a horrible experience there and my friend told me you may be able to tell me who to contact to make a complaint.  I called the clinic to speak to Oscar Perez but was told he does not talk to patients on the phone because of his poor English.  I feel people need to know as I know this was not the first time this woman has done this to patients nor will it be the last.  I want to do social media and the newspapers if she is not removed from giving “care” to others, as I know others will also be subjected to her.”

Unfortunately, when people do a search on the Internet and find articles on Beyond Borders Dental, it may not be current.  Be sure to check in with us directly for current information!

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