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My Road Trip for a Root Canal: Getting Dental Work South of the Border

My Road Trip for a Root Canal:  Getting Dental Work South of the Border

Hi, I’m Jennine from Santa Fe.

I had been having tooth pain for a while, and knew I had to do something. Turns out I needed a root canal and my dentist in Santa Fe was going to charge me $1,355.  I just couldn’t pay that. I was still paying off work he had done last year. I mean, what do people do when they need dental treatment and they can’t afford it?

Now that's a serious toothbrush.
Now that’s a serious toothbrush.

Fortunately for me I had a friend who told me about Beyond Borders and their cost was only $280. Wow, that was a savings of over a thousand dollars, so I booked it.  I’d like to share my adventure to Mexico with you…


I paid only $240 for my root canal in Mexico.


On August 17, I arrived at Beyond Borders Dental’s office in Santa Fe.  I met a group of other local residents who would be taking the journey with me to Palomas, Mexico for dental care. *If you want to watch my journey, scroll to the bottom of this page to see my video.


Welcome orientation at Beyond Borders before we were driven south.


As we were preparing for the trip in the office, a lot of people had questions about the process and procedure, and really what to expect when we got to Mexico across the border. Ralph Grosswald and Terri Hetter, the founders of Beyond Borders, did an excellent job explaining the process to us.


Ralph and Terri, the founders of the company, are amazing.


I could tell they really knew how to make this easy for everyone. One of the reasons I love this process was that Beyond Borders shuttles you down to Mexico, right to the clinic’s door. So there’s no worries about where I’m going, crossing the border, or finding the dentist’s office.  You can drive yourself of course  too and still save by booking through them.


After our welcome orientation, we lined up outside their offices to get in the shuttle van and head south.


Beyond Borders concierge service shuttles you to Palomas.


Every detail was covered to make sure I was comfortable, and that it was easy and safe. Oh and the van is great and very comfortable.


Beyond Borders shuttle van is comfortable and air conditioned.


I slept a lot of the way and left getting there to them. And it was a really pretty drive, as you can see.


We saw lots of pretty southwest scenery.


On the night before treatment we all stayed over in a hotel in Deming and this way everybody felt so much more rested for their treatment the next day. That was a really good idea.


We arrived at our hotel in the evening to rest for the night.


Beyond Borders took care of our hotel room for us, they selected the best lodging in the area, they worked out a great discount for us, and the rooms were really nice.


The room’s were spacious and quiet, perfect for getting a good night’s rest.


The next morning,  we had a nice hot breakfast at the hotel in Deming, just before we head to Palomas for our dental treatment.


The hotel serves complimentary hot breakfast.


That trip will take about 30 minutes to the border and we do get to drive through some pretty Southwestern scenery.


More beautiful views of southern New Mexico.


I was pretty excited.  We crossed the border into Mexico and were steps away from the Palomas clinic, where I was scheduled to have my dental work done.


Here I am crossing the border into Mexico.


I was really happy to see that Rosa, the receptionist and everybody there spoke English.


The staff at the clinic spoke English too.


Ralph introduced me to my dentist, Dr. Perez who would be performing my root canal.


Dr. Perez was very warm and professional.


Dr. Perez began a very thorough examination.  Even though Beyond Borders sent my dental records and recommendations from my Santa Fe dentist before I arrived, he still did his own examination.  This actually gave me even more confidence in him.


He did his own evaluation even though he had received a treatment plan from my local dentist.


As you can see here, we’re actually doing the x-rays to confirm my need for a root canal.


All the equipment looked the same as my local dentist.


Dr. Perez then went over everything with me, explaining the whole procedure.


He showed me my x-rays and explained the procedure.


Then I had my root canal.  The whole process took about less than 2 hours. Overall I was very happy with the results.  Dr. Perez was very gentle and professional. I have been to dentists from New York to L.A. and I felt that this treatment was equally exceptional.

Here I am saying my goodbye to Rosa, the receptionist.


The whole experience was pleasant and easy. Thanks Rosa!


After my treatment, we got to spend a few hours touring the town of Palomas.


We toured the town of Palomas after my treatment.


Beyond Borders’ Palomas Partners program gave us amazing discounts on handmade boots, eyeglasses, hearing aids, prescriptions, and more.


I went shopping at the cowboy boots store and debated about buying a pair.


They’ve just thought of everything to make it great. After everyone was done with their treatment, we all met at the famous Pink Store for a really delicious Mexican meal.


The Pink Store had delicious Mexican food and great gifts!


And of course being Mexico there was great entertainment.


The Mariachi band played a few songs for us too!


Two people had their eyes examined before their dental appointment, picked out the frames, and were able to pick up their glasses at the end of the trip before they went home. How cool is that?


Same day frames? Mine take weeks to get back home!


Now we’re crossing the border back to the United States, and as you can see I’m wearing a little souvenir of the trip.

Walking back across the border and look I got a cowgirl hat!


It was a very easy trip back and, you know, after my root canal, I’m so happy to have somebody else do the driving, so I could just rest and relax.


The concierge service was my favorite part as I got to relax.


And this is one of the great advantages of the Beyond Borders concierge service. I received high quality dental treatment, at a price I could afford.  Best of all, I won’t be paying off my dental work for the next couple years.


I will never pay for dental work in the US again!


Some people saved $3,000 to $5,000 on this trip. It was pretty awesome.


Everyone on the trip saved, some even more than me.


In addition to the great dental work and saving all that money, I had a great time too. To me, it felt like a mini vacation. I got to meet new people and share a little adventure.


I actually made a few friends on this trip. How cool is that?


And I felt safe and relaxed the whole time because Beyond Borders Dental handled everything.  They scheduled my treatment, booked my hotel with a free hot breakfast, escorted me to the clinic for treatment, and drove me back to Santa Fe afterwards.


I would rate their concierge service as five stars.


We ate at the best restaurants and shopped in town using their partners discounts.


The shopping was great and the prices even better!


So this was my Beyond Borders Dental adventure. Thanks so much for letting me share. I highly recommend you take advantage of their services in this charming Mexican town with amazing dentists.


Mexico Border Dentists
The friendly staff at Dr. Perez’s office.


I’m sure I’ll be going back there if I need anything in the future. And maybe I’ll see you there, too.


Hope to see you down there one day too!


Bye for now! – Jennine


P.S. Want to see a video of my journey? Check it out below!

28 Responses to My Road Trip for a Root Canal: Getting Dental Work South of the Border

  1. Thank you for the info on your trip. The info was very helpful and something I will look into for dental, etc services in the future. The price of dental work in the US is way too high. Living in las Cruces is not very far from Mexico.

    • Thank you so much for taking time to leave your comment about Jennine’s trip with Beyond Borders Dental. You are right that the high cost of dental treatment in the US is leaving tens of thousands of people without the care they need. In fact, 1 person in 3 is not getting the treatment they need because of the cost.

      We get many requests from Las Cruces, and since you are close to Palomas, you can use our self-service program. We will review your dental needs and select the best clinic for you, schedule your appointment, and also arrange lodging for you at our partner discount if you need it. We will also send you detailed directions as to how to get right to your clinic, and everything you need to know about getting your dental treatment at one of our approved clinics.

      Our clients save up to 80% while getting safe, quality care. Thanks again.

      • Hi I live in El Paso and need some dental work however it is very expensive here in town. Since Juarez is just right next door do you know of any dentist that you can recommend.

        • Thank you for your comment, and we hope we can help. In most cases we recommend our clinics in Palomas Mexico, since there are no issues about violence. We also find it much easier to cross the border. While we do have a special clinic in Juarez for certain procedures, we have more and more clients from El Paso who go to our approved clinics in Palomas, which is just below Deming NM. The trip is about 80 miles from El Paso. Our clinics have passed a 4-step evaluation process to assure the quality, and crossing the border into this quiet community of 5000 people is easy and quick.

          Would you consider allowing us to help you with a Palomas clinic? Like other El Paso clients, I think you will be very happy with our clinics. Please let us know.

          Thank you, Letty.

          • Beyond Borders does work with Nucleo Dental. In fact, it is the only clinic in Juarez we currently work with. In general, however, we take our clients to Palomas since it is so much easier to cross the border and it is a city with less issues of potential crime. However, there are certain procedures that we have done at Nucleo. You can book directly through us and we will make all of the arrangements for you, and we can offer a special rate on certain procedures that is even cheaper than regular prices. To take advantage of our special rates be sure to tell them you found Nucleo Dental clinic on Beyond Borders Dental website.

  2. Wow, great article, thank you. I live in Las Cruces and need dental work that I cannot afford here. Good to know about Palomas. Would like more info and also do I need a passport, etc.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. It is very fulfilling to be able to educate people to an alternative for safe, affordable, quality dental care. So many people are in need of this. Our website is a virtual library of information about why getting dental treatment in Palomas is a great choice for those who can’t afford the care they need. Start with the big button “What You Need to Know”, and you will see a dozen or so bullet points that you will find helpful. Then just roam to the other big buttons to learn more. Please contact us if you have specific questions.

      It is best to have a valid and current passport, and that’s what we indicate elsewhere on our website. But we have passed through the border in Palomas ourselves with a valid New Mexico drivers license. We have actually met with a border supervisor to confirm that this can be done. This could change in the future, which is why we think getting an updated passport is important if you expect to visit Palomas more than once, and we cannot take responsibility if you choose to travel to Palomas without a passport.

      When you book with us, we will select one of our approved clinics that is best suited for your particular treatment needs, and you will also have access to other discounts we provide for gifts, eyeglasses, handmade boots and shoes, and at popular restaurants there. You never pay any more for booking through us, and we will also give you all of the information and directions you need to get you right to our approved clinic.

      Please let us know how we can help. You can also call us directly at (505 738-7770.

    • Thank you, Kathrine, for submitting your question. You do need a passport to cross back into the US from Mexico. You do not need a visa or a day pass. For more information on this subject, please visit our Documentation Page.

  3. I have been going to Dr. Oscar’s dental clinic for about 2 years now. I have had very extensive work done there including periodontal surgery, crowns, and root canals. Basically an extensive rebuild. After Dr. Oscar Perez initially treated me, I had the rather youngish Dr. Melissa one day when Dr. Oscar was not there. She said I needed a root canal (which was true). I asked her if she did root canals and she said that she did. So I took a chance that day. Later I find out that she is well along in her three year studies to get an advanced degree in root canal therapy and become a licensed Specialist in that field where it includes lower gum surgery. I believe that is an Endodontist in the U.S. So far she has done two of root canals successfully on me. More importantly she advised and oversaw extensive periodontal work by bringing in a periodontal specialist. Down deep I knew I needed that but did not want to face it. Many dentists won’t do that because they do not want to scare you off. This is mainly why I put my trust and faith in her. She’s the real deal too! I figure I have saved about $10,000 so far by going down there. Up the street west two blocks by the bakery is El Sinaloense Restaurant too. Some people prefer it over The Pink Store. It is very clean. And the Drug store next to The Pink Store is owned by the sister of the lady pink store owner. Her drugs are real and a prescription is not needed. In most cases they are legal to take back as long as they are for yourself. Just declare them. Ask, at the drug store.

    • Thank you for your comments, Bob. Your experience confirms that you can get excellent dental care at great savings in Palomas Mexico. Dr. Perez and Dr. Melissa are some of our dentists and are an example of the quality of dental work our clinics provide. Our clinics all pass our 4-step evaluation process and provide the kind of care you have received in Palomas. Thank you also for mentioning that you have saved $10,000. This is the experience of our clients, savings of up to 80% on quality dental care though our clinics and programs. Our mission is to educate people to the option of getting safe, quality dental treatment at substantial savings, just as you have already learned. We also offer savings and discount vouchers from our lodging partners and our merchants in the Palomas Partners program. Thanks for mentioning the bakery, which we will check out on our next trip. We know Cecelia at the pharmacy well, and do recommend stopping there to our clients.

  4. We have been patients of Dr. Oscar for 4 years! I feel totally comfortable going there–We lived in Las Cruces during that time and have now relocated to Rio Rancho. Do you pick up patients in this area. I love your service!

    • You will also get discounts at our lodging partner and at our merchant partners in Palomas.

      Our normal pickup in and around Albuquerque is the Homewood Suites near the airport, which also allows us to service people from Denver, Chicago, and other locations, but we are happy to work with you to pick you up at a location just off I-25. Please contact us directly at [email protected] or (505) 738-7770.

  5. Thank you SO MUCH Jennine for sharing your story. I’m very interested in having dental work done through this service. After three years my root canal must be redone!! So I certainly don’t trust the folks here to redo it and REPAY for it. I once swallowed a crown while in Cuernavaca and was very happy with Mexican dental services. So I would not hesitate to have dental work done again in Mexico. I will contact these folks, I’m in Rio Rancho. Kindest regards! Plus, I need a good cowboy hat and cowboy boots .

    • From Beyond Borders Dental, we want to thank you for taking time to post your comment. Of all of the information and videos on our website, Jennine’s is the most watched. It really captures all that we do for our clients, and the great experience they have. As we mention on our website, the 2015 study by the health advocacy group, Families USA, found that the satisfaction that Americans experience getting dental work in Mexico matches, and in some cases exceeds, that of US dentists. We have had a number of clients using our service from Rio Rancho, and although our stop in Albuquerque is usually the Homewood Suites at the airport (where we also pick up clients coming from Denver, Chicago, etc), we have several times met Rio Rancho folks at a meeting place at Exit 242. Please let us know how we can help.

  6. What do you share about the educational background of the dentists in Mexico. I know someone who was visiting further south in the country, and she was provided with all the dentist’s credentials on his website. This was also very reassuring to her.

    • We have not previously posted the actual credentials of our dentists on our website, although this is a great suggestion. However, we have reviewed them. What is even more important are the dozens of testimonials you can find on our website of people having great experiences at our clinics. We carefully select our clinics based on our 4-step evaluation process which we detail on our website, and we continuously monitor the experiences of our clients after their treatment. Further, we are not just a dental referral service, we know our dental clinics and our dentists very well. We often visit and review their offices, labs, and sterilization procedures. Our reputation depends on the quality of the clinics we send our clients to. Thanks so much for your message.

      • We are always so happy when people share their great experiences at the clinics we use. It continues to build confidence for those still considering this way to get the dental care they need. Thanks so much for taking the time to show once again that people can get safe, affordable dental care in Mexico, if they know which clinics to go to.

  7. Question……Is it possible to get a bridge with crowns on each side, heavy duty crown for back tooth…..(Upper molars)

  8. I am so glad that you had a great, positive experience in Mexico. Boy, I sure wish I had known about Beyond Borders, 15 years ago. Trying to save money, too, I went to a dentist in Tijuana, Mexico to have 17 teeth pulled so I could get dentures. I had already spent $14,000 over a 10 year period, trying to fix all of my chalky teeth (my whole families teeth are soft and chalky), and finally decided to just get dentures, instead. The dentist in Tijuana was more of a butcher than a dentist. He tore my gums up and broke a blood vessel, that had to be stitched up by another dentist there. Every time I groaned from the pain, he would start cussing and tell me that I was only feeling pressure, and not feeling pain. Well, my mouth was bleeding so badly, that when he gave me the injections of Novocaine, it would all bleed back out, so my mouth was not numb. I was feeling PAIN!! He had originally quoted me $400 to pull all of my teeth, but then he TRIED to double the price before I left his office. I told him that the $400 was all the money I had, so that was all he was getting. It was a good thing that somebody else had driven with me, down to Tijuana, because there is no way I could have driven back after losing so much blood. My mouth was still bleeding at midnight that night, so I ended up going to the emergency room in San Diego, which cost me another pretty penny. So much for saving money, eh?! I found out later (should have done my homework ahead of time) that the butcher used to have a dental practice in the United States, but had lost his license here, and everything else, because he had been sued a few times for his shoddy work! I live in San Diego, Ca. but I’m originally from Albuquerque, so I would have gladly gone back to New Mexico, if I had known about Beyond Borders!

    • Thank you for this story. It shows once again that having a trusted dental referral agency is critical to assure you are getting dental care that matches or exceeds the US level of treatment. Beyond Borders uses a 4-step evaluation process for our clinics, and our clinics have excellent records of providing care to US citizens for decades. In addition, we are continuously monitoring the experiences of our clients after their treatment at our approved clinics. Our reputation and our business is dependent on being vigilant in providing the very best clinics and doctors for our clients. I hope we can help you next time.

  9. I have been going to this clinic for 4 years. They have always done a professional job and I am so happy to save the $$$$$$$$ over treatment here in Las Cruces. I would recommend them to anyone. They are great!!

    • Hi Jim, The hotel is approximately $75. If you choose to use our Concierge Shuttle Service, it’s $210 round-trip from Albuquerque and $250 round-trip from Santa Fe. You can also choose to drive yourself down and park at the border. Feel free to give us a call at (505) 738-7770 for more information.

  10. Have not had any dental work done in Palomas, although I love the doorway that says “make your teeth smile!” The Pink Store alone is worth the trip. Walking across is easy…everything is about two blocks in…and The Pink Store has a pink golf cart if you don’t feel like walking back! There are also excellent pharmacies in town.

    You do need a passport to cross, don’t forget! Well worth the expense to get one in order to visit Palomas for dental and other tourism.

    • Thanks for this comment. This is why we prefer working with our clinics in Palomas over most other locations. It couldn’t be easier to get the dental work you need when you book treatment through Beyond Borders Dental at one of our approved clinics in Palomas. We also have our Palomas Partners program for our clients, with special discounts for our clients with our trusted merchants, including The Pink Store.

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