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Mercury Amalgam Removal


Mercury amalgam “silver†dental fillings have been used since the 1830’s and remained to be the sole remedy for dental decay for years to follow.  Dentistry has come a long way in materials and in prevention. There are younger generations that will never encounter an amalgam filling, if they ever get decay at all. Our offices in Mexico have not used amalgam fillings in several years, they are completely mercury free. However, when it is necessary to remove old amalgam fillings, and replace them with composite, glass ionomer, or crowns, proper technique must be applied. Mercury vapor release can be drastically minimized in a setting that is committed to high standards in mercury amalgam removal. Here in the U.S., mercury amalgam removal can be extremely expensive, but while our offices in Mexico adhere to all the current guidelines for removal, their prices remain affordable.

You may simply need a non-mercury restoration when, perhaps, an old amalgam filling has broken or re-decayed. Sometimes, a health care practitioner may suggest you have your “silver†mercury fillings removed due to your overall health wellness. If there is a concern of heavy metal toxicity, then our offices can offer metal free restorations, including metal free, all ceramic crowns. The prices are much cheaper in our offices, and we can offer a discount off our already affordable metal free crowns, if you need four or more with the mercury amalgam removal process. No matter what the impetus is for your amalgam removal, the following protocols are adhered to in our dental office:

  • Amalgam mercury removal is done in a separate, closed room
  • The patient is given oxygen to breath if needed
  • A rubber dam is placed to isolate the tooth
  • A high volume evacuation suction is used at all times
  • Water is present during the entire process to keep the filling cool during removal
  • The amalgam is removed in the largest chunks possible
  • The dental unit collects the mercury amalgam in a filter trap system for proper disposal
  • An antibacterial dental liner is placed before the restoration to reduce sensitivity

Our dental offices in Mexico have been dedicated to progressive materials for many years. One cannot assume that cheaper dental care in Mexico means cheaper techniques. We are committed to high standards in your dental care.

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