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Jennine’s Dental Experience in Mexico

Jennine’s Dental Experience in Mexico

More and more Americans are discovering that there are affordable, quality dentist across the border in Mexico.  For New Mexico residents, Mexico is the easiest and most cost effective choice for affordable dental treatment.

Our vetted dental clinics are located just a few hours from Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Check out Santa Fe resident Jennine’s story – from skeptic to raving fan:



Jennine’s Mexico Dentist Experience Transcript:


I found out about Beyond Borders Dental from a friend, and when I heard they went to Mexico to get their dental work done, I thought, “Really? How did it go?” Because my impression of dental care in Mexico was, well concerned. You wonder, “Are they good dentists? Is the clinic clean?” You don’t want to drink the water. All these things go in your head when you think about getting dental care done in Mexico, so I went down to check it out for myself. I had a teeth cleaning and a whole X-rays done. I was so impressed.


When I first walked into the clinic, I looked around and I thought, “This could be an American dentist’s office.” They’ve got all the equipment. They have the reception at the desk. They have the hygienists and the nurses. Basically, it was pretty much like an American clinic. It was very clean, it was comfortable.



The dentists are amazing. They’re very gentle but very thorough and very focused. The the clinics are super clean, very charming, with some really nice Mexican bright-colored decor. Just the whole experience is very different, because when you go to see the dentist in America, and I’ve gone to dentists from New York through the Midwest to California and here in New Mexico, everybody’s stressed. Everybody’s just sitting there and they’re reading a magazine and then it’s their turn to go in the chair. When you go to see a dentist in Mexico through Beyond Borders Dental, it’s like a party. You walk in, everybody’s talking. “Oh, where are you from?” Everybody’s relaxed. You walk into the room and the dentist is very calm but very focused. The whole air about it gives you a sense of great confidence, and then you can just totally relax and enjoy the process.


The whole process is well thought out. You don’t have to do anything but just show up. You just feel great. It’s just nice to be that pampered when you’re going to see the dentist. It’s kind of nice to have somebody hold your hand through the whole process.


I had heard that some people would go across the border not just in Mexico but in other countries to get dental treatment, and I thought that they were very brave. I actually didn’t know about dental clinics in Mexico until some friends told me about Beyond Borders Dental.


Before I went down to Mexico with Beyond Borders Dental I didn’t feel really eager about getting dental treatment done in another country, any country, whether it was Mexico or further south or India or places that I would go to visit but that I wouldn’t go to get any medical work done. I was really pleasantly surprised to see how easy the process was, how safe the process was, and how enjoyable the process was.


The group at Beyond Borders were amazing. They had thought through the whole process. They obviously went through it themself, and that’s what gave them the idea to make this available to other people.


I’ve actually told quite a few people about Beyond Borders Dental. I’ve told pretty much everybody at my apartment complex and people at work. I think anybody that needs serious or even marginal dental procedures, you should consider Beyond Borders Dental, because they take care of everything for you. They’re getting you a really good rate and they bring you there and they bring you back. The whole process is very smooth and easy, and they really think through every detail, what’s necessary.

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