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How to Save Money on Dental Implants in Las Cruces

How to Save Money on Dental Implants in Las Cruces

You’re sitting at home eating dinner one night when you bite into your meal and feel a shooting pain that runs from your tooth to your jaw and neck instantly. “What was that?!” you think. You avoid chewing on that side for the rest of the night and make an emergency dental appointment for the next day. At your dentist in Las Cruces, you learn that you need a dental implant. Of course you do…It couldn’t have been something simple like a cavity. It had to be one of the most expensive dental treatments available.

Dental implants are the most expensive procedures available.


After mentally calculating your rent, utilities and food budget, you realize there is no way you can afford a dental implant.  Let’s face it, dental implants aren’t exactly cheap.  So you start looking for an affordable dental implant clinic online. If this sounds a little too close to home, here are some options for finding a cheap dental implant option in Las Cruces.

Look online to find dentists who over discounts on dental implants.


Shop For Discounts on Dental Implants: Some dentists may give discounts to new patients or people getting multiple procedures at the same time. Shop around to find a dentist who will offer you a discount on your dental implant.

Some dentists may offer payment plans to extend paying for your dental implant treatment.



Ask for a Payment Plan: Even if you can’t get find a dentist who offers discounts on dental implants in Las Cruces, you can probably find a dental implant specialist who will offer a payment plan for your procedure. This won’t make the cost of your dental implants cheaper but it will help you to  break up the cost into several months or even years.

Mexico offer high quality, affordable dental implant options for Las Cruces residents.


Travel to Mexico for Low Cost Dental Implants: If you can’t find a dentist who can provide you with a cheap dental implant in Las Cruces, you can take an innovative approach and head south of the border to Mexico. This is commonly referred to as dental tourism and has grown in popularity over the last twenty years.

You can save thousands of dollars on your dental implant treatment by going to Mexico.


You may be wondering why people would leave Las Cruces to get dental implants. Quite simply, dental work in the United States is expensive. The average cost of an implant in the states is between $3,000-$5,000. Most dental insurance companies don’t cover implants. The reality is that people just can’t afford the high cost of dental implants in Las Cruces so they head to Mexico to save money on more affordable dental implants. But what choice do you have? You either find a way to finance the implant or pull your tooth and have a hole in your smile.


Dental tourism is a popular option for many residents of Las Cruces who want to save on dental implants.


This is why dental tourism in Mexico has become so popular, especially for Las Cruces residents who are close to the border. Dental concierge companies like Beyond Borders work with American patients to gather their dental records and schedule an appointment with an affordable dental implant specialist. They even arrange your transportation to and from your appointment.  The cool thing is, you can not only save thousands of dollars by going to Mexico for cheap dental implants, but you can now finance your dental treatment in Mexico too!  Check out our options here.

Beyond Borders provides roundtrip transportation from Las Cruces to Palomas, Mexico for dental treatment.


If you’re considering traveling abroad for a cheap dental implant, here are some things you should know.

  1. It’s affordable: You can get a discount dental implant in Mexico for as low as $1,500, which means you can save up to several thousands per implant when compared to the expensive dental implants in Las Cruces.
  2. It’s safe: We only work with professional, thoroughly vetted dental implant specialists in Mexico. Their education and equipment rivals that of your local Las Cruces dentist.
  3. It’s easy: From start to finish, Beyond Borders manages your scheduling, transportation, and transfer of dental records.
Saving big on dental implants is easy with Beyond Borders.


If you’re ready to save big money by getting low cost dental implants in Mexico, then contact Beyond Borders Dental today. We’ll connect you with one of our reputable dental partners so that you get the dental care you need without breaking the bank.

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