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How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Albuquerque?

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Albuquerque?

You are at your dentist in Albuquerque’s office when he tells you that you need a root canal.  The first question that pops into your head is how much?  Can you afford this root canal? He quotes you a whopping $1,252!

How do you know if this is the best price?  Are there more affordable options for root canals in Albuquerque? Should you take his word for it and book your next appointment or do you shop around for a discount root canal in Albuquerque?   We set out to find the answers to just how much does a root canal cost in Albuquerque?  And are there such things as low cost root canals in Albuquerque?  You may find the results surprising.


Cost of root canal in Mexico
We wondered just how much does a root canal cost in Albuquerque


We surveyed several dentists in Albuquerque to find out what they charge for root canals.  First, it’s important to note that depending on the tooth, the price for a root canal will vary.  There are root canals that can be performed on anterior, bi-cuspid, or molar teeth.  This is important to note when comparing prices and looking for an affordable root canal in Albuquerque.

We found that the price for root canals in Albuquerque are anything but cheap.  The dental clinics in Albuquerque quoted us anywhere  from $908 to $1,350.  That is a price difference of more than $300 for a root canal! So if your local dentist tells you that you need a root canal then the answer is yes, you should absolutely price shop to find the most affordable root canal in Albuquerque.


Root canals in Albuquerque cost anywhere from $908 to $1,350


You may be thinking, are there any other ways to save money on a root canal in Albuquerque?  Absolutely.

  • First, from time to time, dentists in Albuquerque run specials or promotions that may reduce the overall cost of your dental treatment. They might for example run a 10% off special, discounting your root canal treatment.


  • Second, if you have dental insurance, you may have some coverage toward your total bill.  This means your portion of payment for your root canal will be lower.  Just remember that you will still be responsible for your deductible and co-insurance (your portion) of the treatment.  Also, if you have used your dental insurance at all this year, be sure to see how much coverage you have left.  Typically plans have a set limit of a thousand or so dollars per year max that they will pay out.


  • Third, if you aren’t insured, you may consider joining a dental savings plan.  These plans can sometimes save you money but be sure to read the fine print!


  • Finally, there is one way that can save you the MOST on a root canal and this option is quickly becoming the most popular for Albuquerque residents.  You can go south to Mexico to for a low cost root canal.


Well, on average, root canals are only $330 in Mexico and therefore a much cheaper option.  This means rather than going to your local dentist in Albuquerque where you will be charged up to $1,350, you can go to Mexico and save up to 75% on your root canal. The concept of dental tourism is not a new one, in fact, for decades residents of towns like Albuquerque have been crossing the border for discounts on root canals, dental crowns, and even dentures.


You can save up to $1,000 on your root canal in Mexico!
National averages in U.S. compared to average prices in Mexico


Dental clinics in Mexico boast the same equipment and materials as dentists in Albuquerque and the dentists in Mexico have comparable training. And if you are wondering about the quality, well according to a report commissioned by Families U.S.A., a Washington advocacy group for health-care issues, “About 90 percent [feel] the dental care they had received in Mexico had been good or excellent.”  That is actually better than the results for dental care received in the US in the same survey.

Beyond Borders Dental was established to provide residents of New Mexico with quality dental care at a price you can afford.  We only work with approved dentists who have passed our quality standard requirements.


Cost of dental care in Mexico
Compare the cost of dental care in Mexico


So how do you get a low cost root canal in Mexico?  Well, we will work hard to get you the best price on your root canal, schedule your appointment with an approved dentist,  and even book your hotel.  And remember, our referral services are always free!

In any case, if your local Albuquerque dentist tells you need a root canal, ask the price.  Then shop around to see how his/her prices compare with other dentists in Albuquerque.  But we assure you, there are more affordable root canals close by.  If you are looking to save hundreds of dollars for the same quality of care, then look no further then Beyond Borders Dental.  We will take care of all the details and save you lots of money on your next root canal.  You can get a free quote for your services here.

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