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Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Affordable Implant in El Paso

Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Affordable Implant Near the El Paso, Texas Border

There are a lot of things that the sunny beauty of El Paso, Texas can fix. Unfortunately, a tooth in desperate need of a dental implant isn’t one of them. If you’re currently searching for a dentist who can provide you with an affordable, high-quality dental implant in El Paso, here are some things you’ll want to know about the procedure.

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1. High-quality dental implants are usually made of titanium.

2. Your implant cannot get a cavity, but it’s still important to care for it just as you would your other teeth.

3. A dental implant replaces a lost tooth and its root.

4. If you need an implant and don’t get one, you can suffer consequences like poor digestion, jaw pain and stiffness, and the weakening of the surrounding teeth.

5. Dental implants in El Paso are not cheap! In fact, the average cost is between $3,000-$5,000. If you have insurance, this amount will be lower, but most insurance companies don’t even cover dental implants. This means your implants will be anything but affordable.

6. After you get a dental implant, it’s common to experience some swelling around the implant for several days. This is because the gums are still irritated by the surgery.

7. You’ll likely experience tenderness in the gums for 2-6 days as your mouth gets used to the new foreign body.

8. For two weeks after an implant is placed, it is advised that you rinse with salt water every 4-6 hours.

9. While you’re healing, you should avoid alcohol and tobacco.

10. With modern medicine and advanced dental technologies, dental implants are almost painless. But it’s possible that you may experience some mild pain, which can usually be treated with an over the counter anti-inflammatory drug.

Another Option

If you’re currently looking for a low-cost dental implant in El Paso, you may have sought out some local options. But did you know that you have an option many Americans do not? You can cross the border from El Paso to Juarez, Mexico for cheap dental implants  In fact, people in Texas have been flocking to Mexico for affordable dental implants for decades. The practice has become so common that there’s a name for it – Dental Tourism.

El Paso residents stand to save a lot of money by getting discount dental implants in Mexico. The same dental implant that costs $3,000-$5,000 in El Paso starts as low as $1,800 in Mexico. Dental tourists receive the same high-quality care as they would from a U.S. based dentist and Mexican dentists use the same kind of implant parts and material.

The reason why dental implants are cheaper in Mexico compared to El Paso has nothing to do with the service or quality and everything to do with the way Mexico manages dental care. The Mexican government caps the cost of dental and medical care. They are able to do this in good conscience because dentists don’t have to pay large sums of money to go to medical school; the cost of their education is subsidized by the Mexican government. These realities, along with the overall lower cost of living in the country, means you save money across the board on medical and dental care.

To make sure you have a positive experience as a dental tourist, it’s important to work with an established dental referral agency.  Scheduling your appointment through Beyond Borders Dental, you’ll be guaranteed a qualified and professional dental implant specialist. Plus, a complementary transportation service is available to take you across the border and directly to the dental clinic. Learn more about How our Referral Services Work.

If you have struck out looking for an affordable dental implant in El Paso and you’d like another option, contact Beyond Borders Dental today. We only work with thoroughly vetted dental implant specialists in Mexico. When you work with us to get a cheap dental implant, you’ll get the high-quality dental care you need  at a price that is much more affordable.

If you’re interested in getting a no-obligation, complementary estimate for your individual case, click this link to send us your inquiry and we’ll get back to you.

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    • Hi Charlisa,

      Carecredit, is an American lending company and can not be used for service providers outside United States, including Mexico.

  1. Do you need a passport? And how many visits does it take? I’m needing a full upper and lower. Is there $1800 for one tooth out a full upper or lower?

    • Hi Laura,

      We can’t speak for all U.S./Mexico borders, nor can we advise anyone on what documents are required to cross international borders. What we tell you is that people have been crossing the border back into the U.S. with a valid driver’s license and a copy of your birth certificate at the El Paso, Texas border. If you plan to our Cozumel clinic, that’s an international flight and a passport is necessary.

      If you have more questions or would like to talk with us, please call our office at (505) 738-7770 or send us an email at

  2. Ide like to visit Juarez for my dental needs I’m trans gender and I have the real ID the sex on NY drivers licence is Female and my birth certificate is Male the post office will not even submit the application because of that I did call US customs at border they said birth certificate and ID is all I need is this true

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