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Beyond Borders Dental Patient Testimonials

Following excellent dental care in Mexico, patients often eagerly share their dental success stories. Beyond Borders Dental’s vetted offices treat patients like family with a warm, relaxed atmosphere, promptness, and professional and personalized care. Read about the experiences and testimonials of past patients we referred.

My case ended up being EXTREMELY difficult and had to be broken up into 3 appointments, but the dental team went above and beyond expectations to make sure I was happy with everything before I went home. I have my temporary “teeth” for now, and after all the care they took of me getting this done. Even with all the challenges, I am not worried at all about how the appointment for my permanent teeth is going to go. I highly recommend this doctor and his work. He and their staff took excellent care of me before, during, and after. I almost feel like “family” ;-).

Mohamed S.

I have a dentist in the U.S., but the cost and efficiency of doing critical dental work drove me to inquire about such dental services outside the U.S. Some of my friends told me such dental services are available conveniently in Mexico with the same quality of such services in the U.S., if not better. But I have never been to Mexico. I came across Beyond Borders Dental, who are specialized in providing services to patients like me: Connecting patients in the U.S. with vetted Dental professionals in Mexico. I called them and they took me from there. They connected me, based on the type of dental services I needed with their dentist in Los Algodones (across the US/Mexico borders). I am glad and pleased with the dental work I have received, and how supportive Beyond Borders Dental office is throughout the whole experience. Everything went so smoothly and efficiently: From Suggestions on flight connections, coordination with the Dental office, and getting across the border to Mexico and back to U.S. Beyond Borders Dental was always there, reachable.

Debre A.

I wanted to write and tell you that I had the most wonderful experience at the dentist you referred me to. I am so happy with the temporary crowns, and I will be returning in a month for the permanent crowns. I received the most solicitous care and felt safe the entire time traveling to and from Juarez. The dentist in Juarez is higher in my estimation than any dentist I have visited since the 1970s in Houston, Texas. Thank you so much for connecting me to this dentist.

Eric C.

Beyond Borders Dental helped save my teeth and my smile (I love to smile BTW.) They were able to connect me to an incredible dentist in Juarez, Mexico) BBD Helped me every step of the way, answering questions and concerns and maintaining contact with me throughout my procedure. Terri was my case worker, so a SPECIAL thanks and shout out to her and all the staff!!! You helped me get the dental work I needed, but couldn’t afford in the United States. The work is as good or better than anything I could get in the US, hands down!! I am a forever client now!!

Candice Y.

I was so scared that I was going to lose my tooth after my insurance rejected my request for a root canal. I contacted beyond borders dental and received an almost instant response; within an instant, I was scheduled to go to their dental office in Juarez, which was great, quick, and affordable for me. I paid $600 for something that would have cost me $1600.

Marilyn M.

Beyond Borders provides safe, affordable, and highly expert dental care. I have found this to allow me to get quality dental work that I have not been able to find here because the dentists that I have seen here in New Mexico charge thousands. For example, I used Beyond Borders for dental work that was initiated in Juarez in June and will be completed in July. A competent dentist here in New Mexico would charge $6000. The dentist I have through Beyond Borders is charging $1500 and performing several procedures I need that the dentist here has not included in his $6000 fee. Also, the clinic doing the work for me picks me up at my hotel in El Paso and delivers me to the clinic in Juarez. Once the work is done, the clinic takes me to the bridge that crosses the border, I walk over the bridge to the border control, am usually the only person in line, and a few minutes later another van from the clinic picks me up and takes me to my hotel. To have to drive through customs would take hours.

Anna W.

Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work completed at Nucleo. I had 2 implants for a front 6 tooth bridge done in New Mexico but had the permanent bridge work completed at Nucleo, saving me about $5000. My doctor and the staff are excellent, and I highly recommend this clinic. When I need another implant, I will have the work done at the clinic rather than pay the cost of implants here in New Mexico.

John W.

This experience far, far exceeded even my most optimistic expectations from Day One. You were fantastic, and my experience with the doctor and staff was, without hyperbole, the best experience I’ve ever had when a dental or medical professional; they were fantastic. Even our drivers were awesome. At the end of the day, though, the point was to resolve my dental issues in a way that I was thrilled with. Again, they surpassed my most optimistic imagination in every way. I genuinely can’t wait to go finish up in 5-6 months—both to see the final product of my dental work and to also see a group of people again that we now consider family. I am a supremely satisfied customer. We’re already encouraging friends and family to consider Beyond Borders Dental.”

Jason R.

I went to Playa del Carmen for the All on 4 Procedure and the entire staff was friendly and incredibly professional. They took care of all my trips to and from the clinic, which was clean and well-air-conditioned. The implant doctor is awesome at what he does and I would not hesitate to refer him to anybody. I highly recommend this dental clinic and I cannot say enough good things about it. I’m really looking forward to my next trip there.”

Curtis E.

The office doctor and his assistant are the best! Always friendly, explain everything they are doing and get it done as quick as possible.”

Eddie T.

My friend Jim and I were very satisfied from our meeting at Beyond Borders Dental, to the excellent procedures performed in Mexico. We felt safe and valued with our driver, Don.”

Craig D.

Very sanitary environment, sterile equipment and very skilled dentist. A very professional office.”

James B.

Very satisfied.”

Shirley H.

The doctors are awesome! I only saw the senior dentist once but he was awesome too. I am also bringing my son for treatment.”

Jolene N.

I would have had to use dentures by now if I had not been able to come to Mexico. Dental care in U.S. was inferior to this office.”

Patricia G.

My experience in the Mexico office, along with my preceding experience with another doctor is superior to my previous experience in the U.S. in this office.”

Larry G.

Mexico dentists and associates are extremely personable and competent doctors—always explaining the recommended procedures and alternative treatments. The receptionist is wonderful to deal with.”

Debra M.

Concerned—sympathetic—wonderful staff.”

Kay S.

I have seen both doctors at the office and would recommend both of them. They are professional and thorough.”

Val K.

When my dentist told me I needed three crowns, I had to figure out how to pay for them. After spending almost $1500 on the first crown, I decided to try the recommended dental office in Mexico. I had the second two crowns done for under $600. I saved over $2000 and the work was excellent. My bite fits perfectly and I’ve had no problems. The dentist took a lot of time and did all of the work himself, no assistants. I highly recommend getting the work done in Mexico, and the town was really fun to explore as well.”

Ralph G.

Wonderful, friendly service! Willing to do multiple tasks so patients can make fewer trips.”

Denise W.

My dentist was excellent! Yes, I would highly recommend her and this office and staff.”

Carmela D.

I have been to several dentists and I would rate doctors in Mexico offices the best of the best.”

Laretta G.

The doctor was very good and very professional.”

Dora G.

Excellent work—positive personality.”

Norman M.

Very good service—easy to get an appointment. The receptionist is very friendly and knowledgeable.”

Suzanne M.

Very pleased, great staff.”

Gerald W.

I recently had my implant done in Playa del Carmen. Everything went great. No pain, no discomfort. I didn’t take any painkillers after the implant was inserted. The guys there are very polite, always on time, explaining to me every step, and answering all questions. The staff there speak English with no problem, so it was easy for me as I am from Canada. Totally recommend this dentistry.”

Dan S.

Things went very smoothly, the place I stayed was awesome (lived in some apartments that weren’t as nice), and everybody was very friendly and helpful. Considering the amount of “work” needed, not really much discomfort involved. Looking forward to my next visit with them to complete the work, and doing some more exploring while there!”

Carroll D.

The office where I received treatment is spotless, the dentists are excellent and the transportation across the border is efficient and safe. I saved thousands, and I have received more competent care than from several dentists in Connecticut and New Mexico.”

Jose G.

The doctor is very gentle—getting a crown was a good experience and I really dislike going to the dentist.”

Caroline W.

For over two years I lived with a broken tooth and put off badly needed dental care (two crowns) due to prices I simply couldn’t afford. When my husband researched dental alternatives for himself and learned how much money we could save for high-quality dental care in Mexico, we both decided to go and see for ourselves. Between us we saved over six thousand dollars—and that included cosmetic work I was told would require braces and thousands more dollars. We can’t say enough how happy we are and tell everyone we know so they too don’t have to spend their retirement savings for high quality, affordable dental care!”

Lynn H.

Very concerned, polite and caring.”

Jo Ann S.

Very professional.”

Leo H.

I am very satisfied with all aspects of the services and employees.”

Dora K.

I’ve already recommended you to friends who may come for full upper and lower plate.”

Ed V.

Very kind and understanding. Tries to save what you have—not automatic pulling. Minimal trauma.”

Suzette B.

Excellent doctors, good receptionist; would recommend gladly to our friends.”

Ed E.

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