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Elana from Santa Fe Saves Big with Dentist in Mexico

Americans have been going to Mexico and saving big on quality dental treatment for over twenty years.  Juarez is becoming increasingly popular as the go-to dental care destination for residents of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and beyond.  Because of it’s proximity to Santa Fe (about five hours) and Albuquerque (about four hours) it makes for the ideal location to get affordable, quality dental treatment that is both easy to get to and a locale that is safe for Americans to travel to.

Check out Santa Fe resident Elana’s experience using Beyond Borders Dental to coordinate care with her dentist in Mexico.


Transcription of Elana’s Experience with her Dentist

I had a really good experience at Beyond Borders Dental. It was a little adventure. I got to see some beautiful parts of New Mexico that we drove through and then I was able to cross the border and go and meet with some pretty fantastic doctors on the other side.


I felt safe the entire time. I had no worries. It was just a very comfortable trip. It was fun. The clinic was very clean. I met with two dentists. One, who cleaned my teeth and talked with me about issues I have with my bottom teeth, and then I met with another dentist, who I think is the head dentist at this clinic.


I thought he was incredibly wise because I want to get some work done on my lower teeth to straighten them out and he actually shared things with me that my dentist in New York had shared about the tests I needed to have to check for osteoporosis in my teeth first.  


He detailed different things that had to be done first, and that was fantastic because I had just recently seen another dentist in New Mexico that was set to do the job as is. The only thing I had to do was give a deposit.  He didn’t talk at all about the pre-screening tests which would be very important.


I had no trouble communicating with the dentists. They were bilingual. If there was an issue, there were definitely enough people around that were bilingual, but there were no issues at all. The trip was very easy and comfortable. I’m going to need to have some more dental work and I’m hoping I can do it there again and have another adventure.


My experience with Beyond Borders Dental was very fantastic. It was … Well, let me just tell you this. They actually went with me to my dentist appointment and I don’t think anyone has went with me to my dentist appointment since I’ve been about 6. Even when I was about 6, I was dropped off in the waiting room. It was great to have them come with me.They asked some questions to the dentist that I wouldn’t have thought to ask. It was very specific and I felt very taken care of the entire time.


Before I went on this trip, I knew there were options to save money on dental care in Costa Rica, in South America, overseas, India even, but I didn’t realize that there was a place so close to home, so easy to get to, and so much fun, and with such highly skilled doctors.


I had no fear to go to Mexico. That’s easy to research, which I did and I’m sure anyone who was thinking about this trip will do. It’s a safe border. It’s a safe. I would recommend Beyond Borders Dental to other people, in fact I already have quite a few friends that will be making the trips as well.

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