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Dental Treatment Plan

It is highly recommended that you see a stateside dentist and get a full dental treatment plan before using our dental services in Mexico. The plan is used to get you a quote from us so you can see just how much you will save by using the approved Beyond Borders dental clinics in Mexico. This can give you the confidence that you have had a proper diagnosis prior to any dental work in Mexico, and should be an initial step for getting dental work in the US as well.

A dental treatment plan usually costs between $50-$150 from a US dentist, although some dentists will do that as part of a check-up. In any case, the dental treatment plan should include all work to be done, with the ADA codes and the price for each service.

Note that even in the US, diagnoses can differ, and once you get to Palomas, your qualified Mexico dentist may recommend either more or less work than your dental treatment plan called for. It is up to you to decide whether to do exactly what your dental treatment plan proposed, or modify the plan based on the recommendations of the Palomas dentist. See a more detailed discussion of why diagnoses can differ in our “What About the Quality?” section.

When you have your dental treatment plan with your needed services, use our Request a Price Quote form to receive your quote from us.

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