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Border-Crossing vs Vacation Medical/Dental Tourism

Border-Crossing versus Vacation Medical/Dental Tourism

When we vetted our first dental office in 2016, we chose our first location based on several factors. Easy access from the U.S. border, highly trained and experienced dentists, sterilization procedures, quality of dental material that passed our 4-step vetting process, and experience with American patients.

In the following years, there was a higher demand for affordable, high-quality dental care than anticipated. In addition, patients from a wider geographical area were increasing, and it quickly became apparent that one location was insufficient. Still, we wanted to maintain a close, hands-on relationship with our dental office staff to ensure we could keep a pulse on the quality of care.

With affordable, high-quality dental care a high priority, we decided to select easy access to dental offices in border towns near the southern states. In medical tourism, this is known as border-crossing dental tourism. Some people prefer border-crossing dental tourism, whereas others prefer to travel further into Mexico, seeking a more tropical destination to combine their dental treatment with a vacation.

The Pros and Cons of Border Crossing Medical/Dental Tourism

If you live anywhere along the United States’ southern border, you’ll find Juarez, Los Algodones, and Tiujanna, well-known dental tourism hotspots. These locations don’t have the same tropical vacation appeal, but border towns are a great option if you are limited on time and don’t want to take an international flight.

Border-crossing dental tourism is popular because you can cross the Mexico border from major cities and don’t have to stay overnight in Mexico.A road with some bushes and mountains in the background Another advantage is you can cross the border with an enhanced driver’s license and a copy of your birth certificate—passports are not required.

Vetted dental offices in our referral programs are in Juárez, Los Algodones, and Tijuana, Mexico. Local transportation is free, including to and from your hotel. A driver from the dental office will pick you up, drive you to the dental office, and bring you back when you finish.

Traveling to another country may not make sense if you don’t need major dental work. The exception may be if you live close to the border in the U.S. Everybody’s dental needs are different, so we will help you estimate your dental work costs so you can factor in the cost and time taken to travel to the dentist in Mexico when calculating whether the savings are worth it.

As part of our referral services, Beyond Borders Dental provides recommended hotels for patients and helps you with logistics in the local areas so everything goes smoothly. Moreover, there are patient care coordinators at each dental office who help you with appointments, answer medical questions, keep you informed of any unexpected border changes, and are your contact when you arrive and return to the U.S.

The Pros and Cons of a Medical/Dental Tourism Vacation

Taking a vacation in a tropical destination while having dental work appeals to many folks, especially when traveling with family or friends. However, unlike border-crossing medical/dental tourism, it does take a little more planning when flying to an international destination.

Usually, when you stay longer, you can get more dental work done and fewer follow-up visits. However, some dental procedures require you to wait a few days while lab work is completed, so this could be your chance to take advantage of the beach, explore the local area, or shop. So, longer stays may have benefits, and getting more dental work done in one visit is one.

A view of the ocean and beach from above.After extensive research and site visits, we decided the following destinations would be Cozumel, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen, Mexico City, Mexico. The dental office in Cancun stood out from its competitors, offering unique services like botox treatment for TMJ and neck lipectomy, an aesthetic surgical procedure to reduce a saggy neck. In addition, the dental office has a team of experienced, specialized doctors with years of experience and a stellar reputation.

Many major airlines in the U.S. and Canada offer direct flights to Cancun and Cozumel, Mexico. In addition, all our dental offices are conveniently located, with restaurants, beaches, and shopping within walking distance.

Getting dental work in Mexico can offer you a balance of quality, care, and affordability. In addition, the country is a top choice for dental tourism due to its lower price and proximity to the U.S., making it less expensive to travel and resulting in shorter travel times. Dental care in our vetted offices is comparable in price and quality, regardless of whether you choose border-crossing or vacation dental tourism. It’s up to you which option works best for you. Our team is here to help you plan and make the best decision.

Traveling to another country may not make sense if you don’t need major dental work. The exception may be if you live close to the Mexico border. Everybody’s dental needs are different, so we will help you estimate your dental work costs to make an informed decision about traveling to the dentist in Mexico when calculating whether the savings are worth it.

If you’d like to take advantage of our free dental referral services or have questions, click this link to receive impartial advice from our expert advisors or an obligation-free quote today.

2 Responses to Border-Crossing vs Vacation Medical/Dental Tourism

  1. I am 78 and still have all my teeth and would prefer to keep them if possible. My local dentist suggest that I have a deep cleaning, gum replacement on the teeth followed by root a root canal. In other places there has been a loss of exposed dentin (due to gum recession) is there a treatment to restore it.
    Should I send my most recent x-rays for Dr. to evaluate?
    I looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hello Richard, Thank you for your questions and for sending us a copy of your X-rays. One of the doctors will evaluate your case next week and one of our Patient Care Administrators will try to contact you to discuss your particular case. Thank you for your patience!

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