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Beyond Borders in the News: Dental Tourism Grows, Especially for Pricey Procedures

Beyond Borders in the News:  Dental Tourism Grows, Especially for Pricey Procedures

It’s no secret that you can save HUGE amounts of money by going to Mexico for your dental work.  On average, patients report saving anywhere from 50-80% on their dental care.  For Americans needing high-ticket dental procedures like dental implants, dental crowns, and root canals, this can mean literally keeping thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in their pockets.  Check out DrBicuspid’s latest article featuring Beyond Borders Dental, Across the Border:  Dental Tourism Grows, Especially for Pricey Procedures:  

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Dental tourism has been expanding, especially for pricey procedures such as implants and root canals. Patients say they’ve received good care and saved thousands on expensive dental treatment by traveling abroad, but the ADA warns it could end up costing patients more if problems arise when they get home.


When Ralph Grosswald and his partner, Terri Heeter, of Santa Fe, NM, needed extensive, expensive dental work, friends told them about getting good care at a dental clinic across the border in Palomas, Mexico.


“We needed four crowns, and Terri needed a little cosmetic work, and it was going to cost about $6,000,” Grosswald told “We got good referrals from people who had work done there, and we had $6,000 worth of dental work done for about $920.”


More than 500,000 U.S. residents traveled out of the country for dental care in 2013, according to the medical tourism group Patients Beyond Borders. Mexican dentists even advertise in the weekly newspaper with procedure prices to show the comparison to U.S. dentists.  Continue reading article here 


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