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Beyond Borders Dental Featured on Albuquerque News KRQE Channel 13

Beyond Borders Dental Featured on Albuquerque News KRQE Channel 13

Dental Tourism, or crossing the border for cheaper dental care is a growing trend in the United States.  Beyond Borders Dental, a New Mexico based company, has created the nation’s first dental concierge service.

They’ve selected the best dental clinics in Mexico for both cost and quality.  And the savings are HUGE—literally thousands of dollars.  On average patients save 50-80% on high cost dental procedures like crowns, implants, and root canals.  For the aging boomer population this means more dollars saved for enjoying retirement as opposed to overpriced dental care in the U.S.

Check out this recent story by reporter Lysee of Albuquerque News KRQE Channel 13 on the New Mexico Start-up That Arranges Travel for Dental Care:


Full Story Transcript

Jessica:  It’s not usually considered a popular tourist attraction, we’re talking about the dentist’s office. A Santa Fe resident has made a business out of it, arranging trips for people to see a dentist. News 13’s Lysee Mitri shows you how it works.

Lysee:  Jessica, Beyond Borders Dental is a dental referral service for quality, low-cost dental care in Mexico. Even the founder admits the idea isn’t for everyone but it is an alternative he thinks people should know about.  The blinding lights and that cringe-worthy sound.

Ralph:  We felt like dental tourism was something that we wanted to be a part of.

Lysee:  That’s right, dental tourism.

Ralph:  Our company has relationships with dental clinics in Mexico.

Lysee:  Ralph Grosswald is CEO of this dental referral service.

Ralph:  We handle everything for them.

Lysee:  After clients get a treatment plan from their local dentist Beyond Borders Dental refers them to the border of Mexico.  There they get dental treatment on by dentists at approved clinics at affordable prices.

Ralph:  A crown that in Santa Fe or Albuquerque might cost between $1,200 and $1,400 would start around $425 in Mexico.

Lysee:  The New Mexico Dental Association says there’s a reason dental care cost more in the U.S. pointing to stay in federal safeguards and quality.

Dr. Tom:  The quality of materials, the amount of time that somebody has to take in order to be trained, cost of education is certainly high here in the United States and so that’s reflected in the class of the care that people receive.

Lysee:  Grosswald and his team vouched for the quality of care in his approved clinics.

Ralph:  We tour the clinic, we look at their sterilization procedures, and most importantly we follow the work of our clients.

Lysee:  Beyond Borders Dental has made 2 trips with clients to Mexico so far, and plans to be making 2 a week starting this month.  Back to you.

Jessica:  All right.  Thank you, Lysee.  No matter where you go the New Mexico Dental Association says you should always ask questions and make sure dentists are giving clear answers that you’re comfortable with.

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