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25 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Dental Concierge Service

25 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Dental Concierge Service

So you’ve made the decision to go to Mexico for your dental work.  You know there is quality dental care available in Palomas, Mexico and at a fraction of the cost of your local US dentist.  You are already going to save up to 80% on your dental treatment but now you have to decide if you are going to drive yourself or take our shuttle service.  Most of our clients choose to use our Dental Concierge shuttle service.  Here are the top 25 reasons why:

1. It’s affordable.  Roundtrip transportation from Santa Fe is only $250 and only $210 from Albuquerque and by special request we may be able to pick you up even closer to home.


Visit us at our service centers in SF and ABQ.


2. It’s actually cheaper than driving yourself.  According to the AAA analysis of the cost per mile in 2015 (58.1 cents per mile for a mid-size sedan), the cost to drive roundtrip from Albuquerque to Palomas is $313.20 and from Santa Fe it is $382.80. And this amount doesn’t factor in wear and tear on your car. Most people just consider the cost of gasoline, neglecting the more important costs of wear and tear on your vehicle, depreciation from additional mileage, and wear on your tires.


You save money when using our Concierge Shuttle Service.


3. Its easy, all you have to do is show up. Park your car at our service center and we will take care of the rest.


We meet at our offices before heading south to Mexico.


4.  It’s safe. We are with you every step of the way.


We take you to your dentist appointment in Mexico.


5.  We drive you down. Our Concierge service includes transportation in our comfortable air conditioned passenger van.


Our van is spacious and comfortable so you can relax on the way down and back.


6.  And stop at a few places along the way.


We stop in places like Hatch and Truth or Consequences on the way down.


7. We take you to your hotel in Deming.


We spend the night with our hotel partner in Deming.


8.  And help you check in for the night.


The rooms are clean and comfortable.


9.  We have dinner together.


Eating dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant.


10. And breakfast in the morning before your appointment.


Our hotel partner serves a complimentary hot breakfast.


11. We drive you to the border.


The next morning we will take the short 30 minute drive from Deming to Columbus.


12. And walk across with you.


Crossing the border to Palomas!


13. We escort you to your dentist’s office.


A group of patients waiting for their dental treatment.


14. We make sure you have everything you need.


Getting dental work in Mexico. Photo courtesy of Clyde Mueller/The New Mexican.


15. After your appointment, we all meet up for lunch.


Lunch and margaritas at the Pink Store in Palomas.


16.  And go shopping in the town of Palomas.


Shopping for custom made cowboy boots in Palomas.


17. Or even stop off to get new glasses at the optical store.


Getting cheap designer glasses at the optical store.


18.  We ride the Pink Store cart back to the border.


Last stop before the border.


19. You can rest on the way back.


Cheap Dental Care Mexico
The best part of our Concierge service is that you can sleep after having dental work!


20.  And check out the beautiful scenery.


New Mexico is gorgeous!


21. Or read a book or listen to music.


Relax and read a book or listen to music or both!


22. Or chat with your new friends.


The conversation is never boring in our van!


23.  We take you back to our service center.


Our offices are in Santa Fe. Photo courtesy of Clyde Mueller/The New Mexican.


24. You leave with quality dental work and at an affordable price.


Our happy client Micheal!


25.  Best of all, you’ve made new friends.


Many of our patients stay connected even after their treatment is complete.


See why so many of our clients choose to use our Dental Concierge Service.  We know you will love it too! No matter which program you choose, we will still schedule your appointment, book your hotel, and provide information to help you get there.  Don’t put off getting the dental care you need because of the cost.  Give us a call at (505) 738-7770 or fill out a free Price Quote Request form today.

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