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Dental Implants Types Explained

Dental Implants Types Explained

If you are looking for a dentist who can provide a quality, affordable dental implants, then you probably have a lot of questions. You might wonder how much it will cost, what an implant actually is, what types are available, and how the process of getting a dental implant in works.

The Implantology field is extensive and complicated. Procedures and new material continue to evolve, which is great if you can understand some basic concepts so you can make the best decision for your individual dental needs. We feel it’s important to understand some basic things about your options, for example: the various types of material used, what the procedure involves (how invasive it is), and the pros/cons of different implant types so if you have a consult with your dentist you have some basic understanding of implants.

Here are some basic things to know before you get dental implants

Simply explained: A dental implant is an artificial root that is drilled into your gums. An artificial tooth is then attached to the implant using an abutment.

Low-cost Dental Implant in Mexico
Basic parts of an implant


There are three common types of dental implants:

  • An Endosteal implant is a type of dental implant that’s put in your jawbone as an artificial root to hold a replacement tooth.
  • A Subperiosteal implant is a design whereby a metal implant framework sits directly on top of the bone, underlying the periosteum, and provides attachment posts, which extend through the gingival tissue for prosthesis anchorage.
  • A Transosteal implant (also referred to as a mandibular staple) is used to support a mandibular denture when the patient has severe resorption and lacks enough bone support for endosseous or Subperiosteal implants.


Endosteal Implants in Mexico
Endosteal Implants



Endosteal Implants: In this procedure, the tooth roots are replaced by implant screws, cylinders, or blades that are usually made of titanium or ceramic material. The implant is surgically drilled into the jawbone that helps to hold the artificial teeth in place. This type of implant lie completely inside the jawbone, well below the gums.




Transosteal Implants Mexico



Transosteal Implants: This type of implant is only suitable for the lower jawbone are not recommended as the surgical procedure is complicated. Placing Transosteal implants involves attaching a metal plate at the bottom of the jawbone, with screws running through the jawbone, and the posts are embedded within the gum tissue.




Subperiosteal Implants in Mexico
Subperiosteal Implants



Subperiosteal Implants: With the Subperiosteal implant a metal framework is firmly secured on the jawbone, but the framework is located below the gum line. Metal posts are placed, and appear to be projecting outwards above the gum line through the metal frame. The procedure is time-consuming, has minimal success rate, and can result in post-surgical scars.



Other Considerations for Dental Implant Types

Getting dental implants is a major investment of money and time. If you have a preexisting medical condition (like diabetes or cancer), you’re a smoker, this will impede the healing process on your implant and increase the chances of failure.

In Mexico, you can find much more affordable dental implants but buyer beware — be sure when you’re price comparing you’re comparing apples to apples. For example, when a patient gets an implant in our dental clinics, the price for the implant is $1800. It includes the surgical placement of a premium implant (Straumann, Nobel BioCare™, Biohorizons or Zimmer), abutment, healing cap, permanent porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown and follow up appointments.

If you have questions or interested in a no-obligation, complementary dental treatment estimate for your individual case, click this link to send us your inquiry and we’ll get back to you.

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